trust takes time

Consultation for development may deeply affect the cultural habits of an organisation. A fruitful consultation process is thus only possible on the basis of a trust-based relationship between constultee and consultant. The development of trust again needs an investment of time. We are convinced that this investment will pay off eventually. That is why all of our consulting projects include a sufficient period of time fior the systematic clarification of concerns and circumstances, to get to know each other and to establish trust.

cross-hierarchical trainers team

The cross-hiearchical trainer team is characteristic of the HEM programme. The composition leadership personnel and staff of different units of our university is very helpful when addressing the particular concerns and questions of members of different levels of an organisation.

based on everyday experience

Our trainers and consultants are active in the field. They are up to date on current trends and open towards new developments.

partnership approach

Our trainings and consultations take place on the basis of a peer-to-peer approach. We believe in the mutual benefit of an exchange of experiences and ideas on eye-level.

ethnorelative mindset

An ethnorelative attitude is a fundamental condition for international collaboration. The models and tools used in our consultations and trainings are chosen against the backdrop of the respective culturall framework. It is a wish of all members of the trainers team to learn from colleagues, who are more experienced with a respective county and its culture and to increase their interculural sensitivity in the cooperation with our clients.

strong international networks

Our activities in international networks and our vivid exchange with colleagues all over the world help us to observe international trends in Higher Education and increase our country-knowledge.

flexible and tailor-made formats

Each offer can be tailored to meet your demands and to adapt to your institution's character and context.


To document the qualification you have gained through our courses, you will receive a certificate after successful completion including an overview of the contents dealt with in the training.

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