We offer our services in the following thematic fields of expertise (please klick on the arrows for more information):


Strategic Management

Take the road to the future and take your colleagues with you
    We can support you in developing a shared vision for your institution that takes external requirements into account while not losing sight of the very specific internal culture of your organisation. For many years, we have successfully used the Academic Scorecard at our university - a tool for implementing and monitoring strategic guidelines. We are happy to share our good and not so good practice examples with you!

Change Management

People generally shy away from change? We believe that is not true.
    It is not an easy task to drive change in organisations. We all have a tendency towards inertia, fears and sensitivities. We will show you how to implement smaller and larger change projects in your institutions without losing sight of the people in your organisations. To this end, we discuss the theoretical foundations of organisational change and look at concrete procedures and tools as well as communication strategies that will support you in setting up a new organisational unit, implementing a quality management system or whatever your particular change project may be about.

Project Management

Turn your projects into success stories and reduce stress in managing them
    You are responsible for the success of a larger project, or you have to coordinate multiple projects at a time? If this worries you - we can help! In our workshops and consultations we can explore different project management standards that are applicable for the university context and tested at FH Münster University of Applied Sciences. We will discuss, which tasks have to be dealt with in which phases, how the division of labour between different project actors can be organised and which instruments and documents can facilitate project work. You are already experienced and would like to organise your project work differently in the future? Don't worry, we are also familiar with agile project management!

Process Management

Experience the power of cooperative process management
    Process management is a very potent tool for integral quality assurance, since it can incorporate all kinds of activities (management, core and support processes) that contribute to a high quality output in teaching and learning, research and third mission. Our workshops and consultations seek to sensitise for the fact that process management is not merely a bloodless administrative procedure. On the contrary, process management - done in a sensible way and cooperatively - is very effective in enhancing quality and fostering the development of a quality culture in an institution. It unfolds its potential by bringing together the experiences, ideas and wishes of different stakeholders to define a consensus and thus bridging organisational gaps.

Agile Management

Face the VUCA world with your team
    Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (=VUCA) define modern working life. With vision, understanding, clarity and agility (also VUCA!) we can meet these challenges. Does that sound too far-fetched? It is not. On the contrary, we can deal with the topic of agile management quite realistically. By looking at individual attitudes and organisational cultures as well as deriving appropriate tools and processes that support us in managing teams and organisations more flexibly.


"Your network is your success." (Porter Gale)
    Many create more. This also applies to professional relationships in particular. Where there is a professional network, common ideas and projects emerge. A network has a louder voice than a single person or an organisation and can often help shape externa (political) conditions. Do you want to found a network of professionals? Do you want to become visible as such? We can accompany you in this process.

Quality Assurance and Enhancement

Implementation of QA Systems

Set up your own internal Quality Assurance System
    Does your institution already apply individual QA instruments? Get to know what else is necessary in order to set up your own internal quality assurance system based on the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance. We are there to guide you through the process of setting up a holistic QA-system. Here, we can either provide you with the basis to get started, or we can offer to assist you in implementing the whole process, defining different project groups in your institution.

Cross-Border Quality Assurance

Try out Collaborative Quality Assurance Approaches for international study programmes
    While most of the international study programmes still rely on national quality assurance methods, you can strengthen your cross-border cooperation by developing Joint or Collaborative Quality Assurance measures. Learn about good practices and get informed in which cases the "European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes" is formally applicable as an accreditation procedure. We can support you in implementing tailor-made structures together with your international partners.


Be prepared for your upcoming programme or institutional accreditation!
    Get to know what will expect you in an (international) accreditation procedure. Learn about how to present your programme / institution effectively and authentically in the self-evaluation report and how to best prepare and communicate with the peer reviewers during the accreditation procedure to portray the quality of your programme / institution.

Agile Quality Management

Make your Quality Management System agile for innovation!
    While agility and agile methods have been recent "hypes" in the field of product development and general project management, they have the potential to enrich the field of Quality Management in Teaching & Learning at Higher Education Institutions. Be inspired on how the principles of the Agile Manifesto can also be applied in your institution or innovate your Quality Management processes.

Evaluation Research

Turning data into action
    Evaluation (of teaching, research and services) is an integral part of higher education worldwide. We look back on decades of experience with evaluation in higher education - from internal course evaluations with questionnaires to external peer reviews of research priorities. You need to develop a questionnaire? - Ask us. You want to organise an external peer review? - Ask us. You don't know what to do with all the data and information you collected? You guessed it: ask us.

Quality Culture

Win your colleagues for quality management
    What is quality culture anyway? And how is it related to organisational culture? How can we promote a positive quality culture (in the sense of a favourable attitude towards quality improvement measures of our colleagues)? We like to ask these questions together with them and look for answers. Not only theories and models such as Edgar Schein's culture model or J.B. Fogg's behaviour model help us here, but above all the exchange about what very concrete possibilities we have to design our procedures and our communication in such a way that many will want to participate in quality management activities.

Teaching and Learning

Study Programme Development

Bring your students onto the labour market with a good concept
    Do you have a groundbreaking idea for a degree programme, but don't know exactly how to go about it? Or do you work in an administrative area and are supposed to support development processes for study programmes? We make you fit for the challenge and provide you with tools to make the shift from teaching to learning a reality. This applies no matter if you would like to set up a completely new study programme or whether you would like to update existing curricula!

Micro-credentials & Innovative Study Offers

Create attractive study offers and explore new opportunities
    Shorter learning units (so-called "micro-credentials") are most appealing to learners, as they focus on upskilling in specific thematic area, without having to study a whole degree programme. At the same time, they also offer Higher Education Institutions a chance to explore new forms of studying, to attract different target groups or to cooperate with international partners. In our inspirational workshop, we show you what micro-credentials are all about, which formal aspects have to be considered and which opportunities it could bring about for your institution.

Internationalisation of Teaching & Learning

Make your classroom global and open up for different ways of internationalization
    Mobility of students and teachers is still seen as the ultimate way for making teaching & learning an international experience. But that is not all and there is much more to it! In our workshops and consultations, we present you different ways of internationalizing curricula, setting up international study programmes, creating global classrooms & international collaborative study offers and implementing internationalisation@home strategies. Considering recent initiatives such as green mobility and hybrid approaches, we can find the appropriate internationalization tools for your institution.

Higher Education Didactics

Teach inspired
    Didactic issues range from how to plan a course to motivating students and designing agile or digital modules. We are ready to inspire you and be inspired by your experiences. Contact us and together we will find out how we can best help you with your didactic concerns.
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