The Multiplication Trainings for Higher Education Administrators in Ukraine (THEA Ukraine X) is a professional development and training programme for Ukrainian Higher Education Administrators in the fields of internationalisation of higher education institutions (HEIs) and science management.

The programme qualifies two cohorts of 6 participants (Higher Education Managers, e.g. Heads of International Offices, Heads of Quality Offices and others) to become trainers in the field of higher education management who will be offering multiplication workshops at Ukrainian HEIs. Six Ukrainian tandem trainers will assist the successful implementation of the multiplication trainings. Apart from fostering training competences and generic management skills, which are necessary for higher education management, THEA Ukraine X aims at establishing a fruitful exchange between German and Ukrainian scientists and administrators and at creating sustainable regional networks in Ukraine.

The programme is designed and will be implemented by the Wandelwerk, FH Münster's Centre for Quality Assurance and Enhancement in cooperation with Sumy State University and other Ukrainian and German experts. THEA Ukraine X is a follow-up project of THEA Ukraine (2019 - 2021).


THEA Ukraine X Summer Camp in Münster (26.-27.06.2023)

Agility in Higher Education Management: Conference & Networking Event

At our Summer Camp in Münster from 26th to 27th of June, we will take a close look at current Higher Education Management topics from an agile perspective and use the power of networking to strengthen the resilience of Ukrainian Higher Education Management.

The event is aimed at members of the THEA Ukraine X proect. Members of FH Münster who would like to network are welcome to join us. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us: thea.ukrainefh-muensterde

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