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The Department of Civil Engineering at Münster University of Applied Sciences offers a 'traditional' Bachelor's programme as well as a postgraduate Master's programme in Civil Engineering in which students learn construction planning and construction management.

After pursuing basic studies on the Bachelor's programme, students can choose from four specialisations:

The department's areas of specialisation include computer-aided structural analysis, construction management, sewer rehabilitation, geotextiles, waste management, chemical analysis of waste, computer-aided research into water and waste management, and transport planning.

In addition to traditional Bachelor's and Master's programmes, students can also pursue special degree programmes at the department which are offered in a variety of models. These include cooperative degree programmes, such as the Master's programme in Building Law in the Life Cycle of Buildings, and the new dual programme, offered for the first time in winter semester 2015/2016.
For more information about other degree programmes, go to 'Range of courses'.

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