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"Let me know what interests you! Showing interest is a success factor for career orientation job seach and applications. As a counsellor, knowing your interests helps me support you in a targeted way."

Anna Hölscher, Coordinator of the Career Service

B.A. Educational Sciences | M.A. Organisational Cultures and Knowledge Transfer | Systemic business coach | Experience in large, medium and small companies with a focus on HR development, vocational training and career coaching

Current Information

Unfortunately, open consultation hours are cancelled on the following dates:
Please contact me by e-mail. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Open consultation hours: Just drop by or give us a call!

Clarifying your concerns, getting answers to initial questions or receiving a first feedback on your application and, if necessary, arranging an individual appointment - this can be your benefit of visiting the open office hours. Students from Steinfurt are just as welcome at the Münster office hours as the other way round.

  • Münster
    Every other Thursday in even weeks | 10-12 a.m.
    in person: Hüfferstraße 27 | Room B008
    by phone: 0251 - 83 64035
    e-mail: careerservicefh-muensterde

  • Steinfurt
    Every other Thursday in odd-numbered weeks | 10-12 a.m.
    in person: Stegerwaldstraße 39 | Room A 030
    by telephone: 02551 - 9 62052
    e-mail: careerservicefh-muensterde

Individual appointments: Let's find a date that suits you!

Would you like an individual counselling appointment?
Outside of the open office hours, we ca arrange an appointments flexibly and meet in person, via Zoom or by telephone.

Would you like to make an appointment, but you are unable to visit the open consultation hours?
I look forward to receiving your e-mail.

Would you prefer to ask your question(s) by e-mail?
That is also possible.

I need feedback on my application.

To ensure your application is well received, understandable, and highlights your strong points, we offer assistance at the preparatory stage. Simply use our tools for job search and application to prepare your documents. After emailing us your documents or attending a consultation session, you will get feedback and tips how to improve it. Please note that we not only need your documents, but also the job advertisement for which you created the application. If we receive your application documents electronically, they will only be stored for the duration of the consultation period. We will delete the files within 8 weeks at the latest.

I need interview advice.

If you are unsure about the interview process, we will advise you on how to prepare for your next interview. We also regularly offer informative talks about the interview process within the PLUSPUNKT programme, besides training sessions on how to present yourself, the impression you make on others, communication and salary negotiation.

I need solutions to difficult issues.

It could be that your history is dotted with turning points, crises, a lack of prospects, or tricky stages. We will help you to address any breaks, gaps and reversals in your CV. Also, come to us if you want to discover new perspectives, identify a common thread, draw up a Plan B, or discuss anything else in confidence - anonymously, if you wish.
The Federal Employment Agency also provides confidential information and advice to students during a drop-in session at FH Münster.

I don't know what I want to do after university.

Whether or not you have a degree in your pocket, the transition from higher education to employment is a time of orientation. We will help you to look for a suitable job and to find out what you want from your work. We will also help you broaden your horizons, and suggest what to do next if countless job applications have come to nothing.

In addition, our "Identifying your career options" portal provides help and advice in this process.

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