Completion time:

Allow between one and two hours of uninterrupted time to complete these questionnaires.

The portfolio questionnaire

Use this questionnaire to record the facts about the main points in your career to date - your educational background and your experience, and the decisions you took. This document is just meant for you. Download and complete the PDF template.


Use this form to answer questions about your interests, skills and values. Reflecting on these aspects will help you to outline your profile, bit by bit. This works best when you use specific examples from your past experience to substantiate your answers. This document is also just meant for you. Download and complete the PDF template.


  • Which activities and issues do you feel drawn to?
  • Which situations caused you to feel very much "at home"?
  • Which tasks have you felt to be rewarding and worthwhile?
  • Which activities have led to you achieve your best results?
  • What comes particularly easy to you?
  • Which things are you highly committed to?
  • What are your hidden ambitions?


  • What have you learnt in your career to date - at university, during training, in a part-time job, doing voluntary work, while travelling or pursuing your hobbies?
  • Which languages, computer programs, techniques, equipment, methods and processes have you mastered?
  • Do you have any certificates, such as a coaching licence?
  • Which projects have you been involved in?
  • What have you received positive feedback for in the past?
  • What are you proud of?

Values & originality

  • Which experiences have made you very happy in the past?
  • Is your history is marked by special challenges, turning points or other aspects that may have an unusual impact on your life? What did you learn from them in each case?
  • What challenges and problems have you tackled, and which strengths were required in the process?
  • Which decisions have you taken in the past, and why?

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