Completion time: as required.

The next steps will accompany you in your everyday life over the next few weeks or months. It may be useful to set a specific time for this step, such as a month or a semester.

Ideas & options

Let your ideas run free concerning your career prospects - here you will find some food for thought, helping you to come up with ideas without any mental blocks. Look out for topics and terms that you come across again and again - they are valuable indications! A PDF template for your notes is available for download.


Articles in newspapers, magazines, blogs, forums and portals are a great source of inspiration. It is a good idea to read everything that interests you unfiltered. Collect all articles that you find interesting, highlight the key points and concepts, and use the snowball method to pursue other ideas of interest that you come across.

Listen out

All kinds of events and talks that seem of interest to you can provide a wealth of input. Make notes of tips and food for thought after attending such events.


There are lots of situations where you have the opportunity to talk to people who have things to say about the interesting lives they lead. Look out for people to speak to at careers fairs, talks, events or in your personal environment. Get them to chat about their fields of work, and ask them how they got to where they are. Why not start asking for business cards, too? You never know when you might want to approach a particular person at a later stage.

Role models

Biographies, websites and social media profiles of people who interest you may also be a source of inspiration: what entries can be found in their CVs? Who do they actively network with? How have they spent their time? Do their names appear in other contexts?

Job profiles

You can glean a lot of information from perusing job descriptions, task areas, positions and job vacancies. Read at random, and highlight things that interest you - even if it has nothing to do with your subject or your current status.

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