1 | Searching for vacancies

It is worth it to explore the job market early. Why? You will get an overview of your options; you will avoid missing application deadlines from employers of your choice, and there will be a buffer in case your search takes longer than expected. Browse different job boards; follow interesting companies on social media and use career and networking events to get to know potential employers.

Besides that think about yourself: Compile your data, facts and documents and reflect on your professional profile and your desired job. This will be an important foundation for your job search, the selection of vacancies and subsequent applications.

Then, when you submitted the first applications: Keep track of your applications and take the initiative at the right time.

2 | Creating applications

In most cases, your application is the first contact you have with potential employers and the first sample of work you submit. Even if this is not, your application is a self-presentation to people who decide whether you are eligible for a job. Therefore, it is important to make a good impression.

To reach this, think about the matching and the requirements of employers before you write and compile your documents. Finally yet importantly, check everything carefully before you send it off.

Tutorials and videos

Tutorials: Entering worklife & starting your career (in German)


Do you want to get a quick overview of how to find jobs, work out the matching and create your application? Here you will learn how to approach your application in a targeted and convincing way.

Stellensuche | Matching | Starke Bewerbung | Ungerade CV

Tutorials: Xing for young professionals (in German)


You don't just want to search yourself, but want employers to find you? If you have an online profile on a professional network such as Xing company representatives can find and contact you. In addition, you can make new professional contacts, stay in touch with people of your network and look for interesting jobs or companies. Here you can learn how to create a profile and use the Xing for your job search.  

Chapters: Das Profil gestalten | Jobsuche

Video: A good pitch for your job interview (in German)


In many job interviews, there is a request like "Please introduce yourself!" or a question like "Why should we hire you?". Thus, it's good to be prepared in order to take advantage of this chance to present yourself. The video provides helpful information and concrete tips.

Video series: Applying with drop-outs, changes and gaps (in German)


Would you like to leave your studies and pursue an alternative career path? Do you have a career path with supposedly tricky stations, such as drop-outs, changes or gaps, and wonder how you can deal with this in application processes? Here, too, you will learn what is important in applications and interviews.

12 Chapters:
Your profile - your starting point
Finding what suits you
What matters in the application
Appearing confident in the job interview

Video series: Experts' tips for study and work life (in German)


The 7 videos cover e.g. these topics

Discovering career goals
Small talk and networking
Strengthening self-confidence and external image
Negotiating salary
Charisma, power and presence

Career Guidance

The Career Service at the FH Münster advises in one-on-one-consultation if…

  • you cannot find suitable vacancies
  • your applications were not successful
  • you need feedback on your applications
  • you do not know how to prepare a job interview
  • you do not know how to deal with a disability or tricky positions in your CV in application procedures
  • ...

Furthermore, the Federal Labour Office provides career guidance as well.   


Take advantage of the PLUSPUNKT-Program to...

  • gain knowledge regarding applications and develop application strategies
  • get in touch with regional companies and their representatives
  • sharpen your career goals and reflect your strengths
  • to train an confident appearance
  • to prepare for salary negotiations
  • to build up a network with local employers
  • to train small talk and networking
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