1) What does FINDEX mean?

Via FINDEX, you can access library resources. The word "FINDEX" is composed of the words "to FIND" and "INDEX".

2) What kind of results do I get when searching literature in FINDEX?

When searching for a certain term, FINDEX will give you two different tabs as a result:

Resources that are available at the Library of the University (tab "Catalogue")

The result list in this tab includes all books and journals regarding your search term. You will see the loan status of each item. It also lists all the electronic resources (e-books and e-journals) that you can access via the library. Each electronic resource includes a link which will direct you to the full text. This will work on campus. When being off-campus, you be asked for your university ID first before you can access the electronic resource.

Other references regarding the search term you entered (tab "Articles & more")

The result list in the second tab refers to other references regarding your search term (like articles from scientific journals). They might not be directly available at the library, but are matching your search query. By clicking on "How can I get it?" below each hit, you will see how you can access this article. If the library has access to it, a link will be provided. Otherwise, you will be redirected to the Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

3) When should I conduct an additional literature research in other resources than FINDEX?

FINDEX is accessing an extensive amount of resources. For a basic search, you will find sufficient hits.
For a more complex research on a specific topic, you should use additional resources like databases on literature. Please contact the library staff on the question which additional resources are available for your area of research.

4) Is it possible to refine the result list?

Yes, the results can be refined e.g. by language, year or type. So far, the refining only works with German terms. If you are unsure about the settings for your search, please contact the library staff for help.
Picture 1: exemplary result list without refinement (in German)
Picture 2: exemplary result list refined by media type (online) and source type (journal) (in German)
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