Hygiene rules

Hygiene rules of the Departmental Libraries (Status 25.09.2020)

  • In the library, direct check-in/check-out via the FH-Card is possible.
  • In addition, there is a poster in the entrance area of the library with a QR code which also allows access for guest users without a library card.
    You can scan this QR code directly with the camera of your smartphone or with the QR code scanner on the start page of the myFH portal.
    After the scan you can choose the access as guest of the FH-Münster or the login with FH-ID. You are then checked in for the room.
    If your smartphone cannot scan the QR code, you can also use the manual check-in function in the myFH portal or via the link printed on the posters.
    When leaving the library, you have to check out via the corresponding QR code
  • When entering the library, visitors must disinfect their hands.
  • In the library, the wearing of a mouth-and-nose cover is compulsory unless visitors are seated at their work tables.
  • The work tables, PC keyboards and PC mice can be cleaned by the visitors.

Working in the library

Working in the library (Status 25.09.2020)

Only individual workplaces are available in the Departmental Libraries. Not all of these individual workstations are equipped with a power supply. Computer workplaces are also available in the Departmental Libraries Hüfferstiftung and FHZ.

Please respect the hygiene rules of the Departmental Libraries listed above!

Borrowing items

Q: How can I borrow items? (Status: 25.09.2020)

A: Loan periods in the Departmental Libraries:

Mo - Fr 9:00 - 15:00 hrs
Tue 15:00 to 18:00

The media should be ordered in advance via FINDEX. You will then be informed by e-mail when and how long the ordered media will be available for you. You can also take the desired media directly from the shelf.
Please respect the hygiene rules of the Departmental Libraries listed above!


Loans are only possible via the Self-checkout .
In order to be able to borrow at the self check-out counter, you must know your FH-ID and your corresponding password! It is not possible to borrow from the library staff. The self check-out counter is operated via a touch screen and is cleaned regularly.

If you have ordered books, please also pick them up.

Q: Is it possible to borrow electrical devices (VR equipment)? (Status:20.10.2020)

A: Yes, that is possible. However, borrowing is generally only possible for members of Münster University of Applied Sciences and Münster Academy of Art. Only devices from your home library can be reserved via FINDEX and the devices can only be picked up there. If you want to borrow equipment from another Departmental Library, please contact the circulation desk there.

Returning items

Q: The loan period for my books expires. What should I do? (Status 15.06.2020)

A: You have the following options:

1. you return the book via the return machine in the bistro courtyard of the FHZ (Corrensstr. 25, 48149 Münster) or via the return boxes at the other locations
- Library for Architecture, Design and Art outside at the door to the library foyer (Leonardo-Campus 10, 48149 Münster).
- Hüfferstiftung Departmental Library behind the building (inner courtyard) at the rear entrance door (Johann-Krane-Weg 23, 48149 Münster).
- Steinfurt Departmental Library in front of building part A, (Stegerwaldstraße 39, 48565 Steinfurt).
When using the return boxes, the return posting will be made at a later date for organisational reasons. This does not result in any late fees.

2. Use the online extension. In principle, all borrowed media can be extended several times. The renewal is valid from the day it was carried out.
Therefore: Please renew only once at first! There is no point in immediately renewing a second time, you are "giving away" another loan period.

Q: How can I return electronic equipment (VR glasses, dictation machines, boards, etc.) (Status: 28.04.2020)

A: You can deposit these items on a marked book trolley during the loan periods in the Departmental Library from which they were borrowed.
For organisational reasons, a return posting will be made at a later date. This will not result in any late fees.

Q: How can I return keys? (Status: 08.05.2020)

A: Keys can be deposited on a marked book trolley during lending hours in the Departmental Library from which they were borrowed.
For organizational reasons, a return booking is made at a later date. This does not result in any fees for late return.

Discharge confirmation

Q: I would like to have a discharge confirmation of the library for exmatriculation during the period of closure. Is it possible?

A: Yes, we can issue a discharge confirmation for exmatriculation by email, provided that you have returned all items and paid any outstanding fees. If you still have borrowed items in your possession, please return them first using the self-return machine at the FHZ building (Corrensstr. 25, 48149 Münster).

Interlibrary loan

Q: Can I place interlibrary loans? (Status: 06.10.2020)

A:Interlibrary loan of books and ordering of journal articles is possible. Further information can be found here:

Q: Can I return interlibrary loans media? (Status 07.05.2020)

A: Interlibrary loan media can be deposited on a marked book trolley during the lending hours of the Departmental Libraries. Please make sure that you hand in your media in due time. For organisational reasons, a return posting will be made at a later date. This will not result in any late fees.


Q: How can I access electronic books from home?

A: Use FINDEX to search for the electronic book you need. You will find a link to the full-text version in the e-book details. You must identify yourself with your FH ID. This option is only available for members of FH Münster. Students from the Kunstakadmie Münster can access the e-books licensed for them via FINDEX or via the homepage of the Kunstakademie Münster. If you're having any problems using e-books, please send an email to: findexfh-muensterde

Paying fees

Q: How can I pay my fees?

A: You can pay fees using the canteen card at the counter.

B: Payment details for bank transfers can still be requested. Due to activity from the home office both in the library and in the finance department, there may be delays in processing your request, so please be patient if you do not receive an immediate response or if the fees are removed from your account.

Multifunctional device (copier, printer and scanner)

Multifunctional device (copier, printer and scanner) (Status: 01.09.2020)

Q: Are printers, copiers and scanners available? A: A multifunctional device can be used in each Departmental Library. Printouts can already be prepared from outside the UAS using the function "FollowMe-Printing with VPN". Instructions can be found here:

Q: Is it possible to obtain copies from journals? (Status: 01.09.2020)

A multifunctional device (copying, printer and scanner) is available for use in each Departmental Library.

New library cards for external users

Q: I am not a member of FH Münster and have never borrowed any items from there before. Can I have a new library card issued so that I can borrow books? (Status: 25.09.2020)

A: Persons who have applied for a new identity card (self-registration) must check in as a guest before entering the library and then receive an identity card at the counter.

Purchase requests

Q: Can I still suggest a book? (Status 15.06.2020)

A: Yes, it is still possible to make requests for orders, which will be processed.
The newly purchased media will be reserved for you. You will receive an e-mail as soon as they are ready for pick-up. The media can be picked up during the lending hours.

ILIAS and Panopto

Q: Who can help me with questions about ILIAS or Panopto?

A: If you have any questions about ILIAS or Panopto, please contact elearningfh-muensterde. Alternatively, check out the following pages:

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