About us

Since 2003, the working group has been chaired by Prof. Dr Martin Kreyenschmidt together with Prof. Dr Klaus Schlitter (since 2004). With M. Sc. Dipl.Ing. Stephanie Hanning and M. Sc. Dipl.Ing. Karin Schulte, two scientific staff members are employed who already worked in the IA laboratory under the founder Prof. Janßen. Our laboratories are traditionally designed for a comprehensive range of applications. We have many years of know-how in the field of elemental analysis, molecular spectroscopy, chromatography, mass spectrometry and plastics analysis.

Our devices are used for the education of students as well as for research and development. Our motto is: "find out what's inside!"

Laboratory equipment

In addition to classical spectroscopic equipment such as photometers and infrared spectrometers, our equipment pool primarily includes high-end spectrometers. We cover the full family of X-ray fluorescence and atomic spectrometers with the systems for inductively coupled plasma analysis (ICP-OES + ICP-MS), as well as the atomic absorption spectrometers (flame and graphite tube). We also work with two laser ablation systems with 193 and 213 nm, respectively, which are coupled to the ICP devices.

The instrumental methods of chromatography are also almost completely represented here. In gas chromatography (GC) we cover mass selective detectors (MS) as well as flame ionisation (FID) and thermal conductivity detectors (WLD). In addition, we have a wide variety of output methods available, such as cold feed, headspace, thermodesorption and pyrolysis. For high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) we have UVVis, diode array, fluorescence, refractive index as well as mass spectrometers as detectors.


HPLC VWR La Chrom Elite with DAD and fluorescence detector

HPLC VWR La Chrom Elite with DAD

HPLC VWR La Chrom Elite with UV and fluorescence detector

HPLC VWR La Chrom Elite with DAD and MS Ion trap detector Esquire 4000 (Bruker)

HPLC VWR 655a -A12 with UV-VIS detector

HPLC VWR L 6200 with UV-VIS detector

HPLC Agilent 1050 with DAD detector

HPLC Shimadzu LC6A with UVVIS and RI detector

HPLC Shimadzu MS (ESI and APCI) with DAD

GC Shimadzu GC 2010 MS detector QP 2010 SE with pyrolysis unit Frontier Lab

GC Shimadzu GC 2010 MS detector QP 2010 Plus

GC Shimadzu GC 2010 with FID and WLD

GC Shimadzu GC 2010 with headspace task AOC 5000

GC Shimadzu GC 2010 Plus with MS detector, headspace and thermodesorption Perkin Elmer

GC Perkin Elmer AutoXL with FID and WLD and headspace

IC Metrohm IC 761 with autosampler


ICP-OES Perkin Elmer, Optima 4300 DV ICP-MS Perkin Elmer, ELAN DRC II ICP-MS Agilent, 8900S Tripelquad System LA Teledyne, Analyte G2 Excimer Laser 193 nm LA CETAC, LSX 213 Graphite tube AAS solid and liquid sample introduction Analytik Jena, ZEEnit G650 Flames AAS Analytik Jena, novAA 300 RFA Bruker AXS, S8 Tiger wavelength dispersive RFA Bruker AXS, S2 Ranger energy dispersive RFA Bruker AXS, S2 Puma energy dispersive TXRF Bruker Nano, S2 Picofox µ-RFA Bruker Nano, M4 Tornado Handheld RFA Thermo Niton, XL3T GolDD Photometer Analytik Jena, Specord 100 single-beam photometer Photometer Analytik Jena, Specord 200 twin-beam photometer Photometer Analytik Jena, Specord 1000 diode array Photometer Varian Carry 1 FTIR Perkin Elmer Spektrum Two with Diamant ATR MS Ion Trap Bruker Daltonic Esquire 4000

Other equipment

Elementary analyser Vario Elcube, Elementar

Babyplast micro-injection-moulding machine

Brabender kneader

Microwave digestion units (Anton Paar + MLS)


Teachline twin screw extruder

Various mills

3-D printer

Horizontal shaker

Insight into the laboratory

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