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The Department of Chemical Engineering offers a variety of interesting and future-oriented, higher education programs for a profound bachelor- and an advanced master training.

Your first professionally qualifying bachelor course of studies concludes with an internship phase and a subsequent bachelor thesis after six semesters. Building on the bachelor study program, a consecutive master program in chemical engineering may be pursued. While the bachelor study program is presently offered in German exclusively, parts of the master courses are taught in English.

Two directions of specialization are offered in both study programs:

  • Applied chemistry
  • Chemical processing

Within the master study programs in chemical engineering, an opportunity to acquire a combined binational Polish-German graduation exists. The binational graduation can be provided thanks to a cooperation with selected partner universities from Krakow and Kattowice.

Prospective students, who want to combine scientific and technical studies with high business competences have the opportunity to choose a study program in Industrial Engineering - Chemical Processing.

Beginning of bachelor studies

In winter terms only!

In the beginning of May applications are possible on the web pages from the Münster University of Applied Sciences' (FH Münster's) Service Office for Students exclusively.

An annual mathematics pre-course ("Rechenbrücke") is offered in September.

The first day of lectures for students of the Bachelor is on the 5th of October 2020.

Beginning of master studies

In winter terms only!

The master's program starts on 12/10/2020.

Commencement of the master study program in summer term may be possible after explicit consultation. The consultation takes place with the examination board's chairman, after verifying your corresponding documents.

Contact: See the examination boards's chairman or via e-mail at bredolfh-muensterde.

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