Objectives of the IT Strategy at FH Münster:

  • Compliance of the IT Strategy with the University Development Plan
  • Definition of the short, medium and long-term direction of IT at the university
  • Involvement of all user groups of IT service providers (Data Processing Centre, University Library and IT in the schools and departments), taking into account their lines of development, requirements and needs as well as their varied IT know-how

Our IT Guidelines

The IT Guidelines are consistent with our university's social mandate and capacity to act.

  • Understanding of service
    All IT service providers gear their services and decisions towards the legitimate requirements and needs of members of the university and its partners, and are open to their suggestions and input. In the process, they have a deep understanding of the ever-changing developments and potential of IT.

  • Cost effectiveness and financial viability
    All IT service providers always take into consideration the economic impact of their action as well as initial and long-term financial viability.

  • Transparency
    All IT service providers make their objectives, plans and activities relating to the their IT development and IT operation, and the costs involved, publicly available in an intelligible and comprehensible manner.

Principles of IT provision

To provide our university with future-oriented, sustainable and user-friendly IT equipment and corresponding IT services - this is the objective of our IT structure. Cost effectiveness and financial viability play an equally important role as the goals laid down in our University Development Plan.

If they make contextual and economic sense, standards are developed, agreed upon and updated at regular intervals for IT equipment, IT applications and IT services. Clear standards are conducive to our cost effectiveness. If it makes sense from a technical perspective, all IT service providers ensure compliance with these standards.

IT provision is aligned and adjusted to the requirements of teaching staff, researchers and students. All efforts are made to exploit synergies arising from interdisciplinary cooperation.

IT supports and automates all key business and communication processes within teaching, research and administration at our university. IT helps to optimise processes, improve quality in all areas, and make efficient use of resources. In the process, it focuses in particular on the usability of IT applications and the web presence for all users within and outside the university.

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