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EBP is a 7 semester programme including 1 semester of placement. To receive the BA from EBP you will need to earn 210 ECTS credits including a semester of placement with a minimum of 60 ECTS from modules taught at MSB. The agreement between EBP and your home university will specify the year you will join us and how your placement will be validated. To summarize:

  • 7 semesters = 210 ECTS credit points (CP)
  • Including 1 semester (usually 20 weeks) of placement = 30 ECTS- CP (agreements with partner universities may deviate from this rule)
  • Minimum 60 ECTS-CP achieved at Münster School of Business (MSB) in modules
  • Thesis (written at MSB or home institution)


For students joining from partner universities in year 3 the module requirements for their year in Münster are as given below:

Year 3 winter at MSB, Münster                                          

Year 3 summer at MSB, Münster

German Language

German Academia and Society

1 intermediate module


1 specialisation







2 Specialisation


1 short thesis**







 *One specialization module can be replaced by 2 intermediate modules

** If the thesis is written at your home university you will be able to replace it by an intermediate module


"Intermediate Modules" are 2nd year modules that to some extent can be chosen by 3rd year students. "Specialisation modules" are 3rd year modules.


You can choose from the following modules taught in English:

Intermediate Modules 6 ECTS-CP

Specialisation  Modules 12 ECTS-CP

  • Intermediate Finance
  • Logistics
  • Entrepreneurship (restricted admittance; EBP and CALA)
  • Economics: Globalization and European Integration
  • International Management (restricted admittance; EBP and CALA)
  • Corporate Management (Project and Strategic Management)
  • TOPSIM Business Simulation Game
  • International Human Resource Management (HRM) (restricted admittance; EBP and CALA)
  • Management of Technology (restricted admittance; EBP and CALA)
  • Project (individual; EBP and CALA; only available as a substitute for another module that students failed)
  • Marketing (currently under discussion)

•      International Marketing

•      Strategic Marketing

•      Organisation and Information Management
•      International New Ventures (summer only)

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