runtime 01.07.2005 - 31.05.2007
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This project is divided into 5 experimental areas. Standing tests, material resistance tests on components exposed to media, tests on the hydraulic efficiency of light liquid separator systems, tests of light liquid separators in practical operation and tests on biodegradability are carried out. The respective tests are carried out with 5 different mixtures of mineral diesel and biodiesel.

1. Standing tests
 Here the fuel mixtures are filled into glass containers in which water is already present. Due to the difference in density a light phase of fuel and a heavy phase of water is formed. Over a longer period of time it is monitored how the content of the container changes, whether the phases are mixed and how polluted the water is, which would be led into the public sewage system in the separator installed in reality.

In this series of tests, different materials such as coatings and gaskets are brought into contact with the various fuel mixtures. The design is analogous to the standing tests, in addition the test specimens are immersed in the liquid. At regular intervals, the materials are checked for changes and the results are documented.

3. tests on the hydraulic efficiency of light liquid separator systems

There are several methods for the separation of light liquids. In this project, three different separation processes are examined for their effectiveness within the scope of the legal regulations when different fuel mixtures of mineral oil diesel and biodiesel are charged.
4. tests of light liquid separators in practical operation
In this project, not only will tests and inspections be carried out under laboratory conditions, but reality will also be recorded. For this reason, samples are taken from the separator and tested at filling stations that also offer biodiesel. In addition, the conditions on the filling station premises are sketched and all relevant data concerning the light liquid separator are collected.
Sampling at a separator system
5. biodegradability tests
Since the biodegradability of biodiesel is a relatively unexplored area, the biodegradability of biodiesel mineralöldiesel blends is being investigated in this project. For this purpose, tests are carried out in the laboratory sludge plant with activated sludge.

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