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Practical Course

In addition to the lectures, we offer two internships: Electrical Engineering and Electricity Supply. In the experiments, our students review and deepen their theoretical knowledge from the lectures. In most cases, they work together in groups. The scientific staff and student assistants provide support.

Internships are compulsory for our students as a preliminary examination.

Experiments in Electrical engineering:

  • Ohmic, inductive and capacitive alternating current consumers: current and voltage characteristics as well as phase shifting
  • Electrical power in the AC circuit: active, reactive and apparent power with reactive power compensation
  • Three-phase consumers: star connection without/with neutral conductor and delta connection
  • Voltage drop along a line and transformer: open circuit, short circuit and resistive load
  • Three-phase asynchronous motor: no-load, short-circuit and characteristic curve with efficiency

Internship experiments Electricity supply

  • Three-phase synchronous generator: island and mains operation
  • Voltage control in the distribution network
  • Open line operation with earth fault compensation
  • Personal protection according to DIN-VDE 0100
  • harmonic oscillations: Analysis and Filter

Bachelor- und Master thesis

A number of theses have been and are being developed from the thematic priorities. They can be carried out internally in the laboratory or externally in companies.

For more information please refer to the Academic Yearbooks of our Department.


Not least, we see ourselves as a partner for industry, trade and crafts. We have an extensive and modern equipment of measuring instruments, which can be used for common projects. Our power analyzers can be used to investigate load profiles or harmonics in low voltage networks.

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