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Room B 107
48565 Steinfurt

Laboratory description

  • This is a development and evaluation laboratory for all questions of immission control with a focus on odour pollution at outdoor sites of all kinds.
  • The laboratory has a large selection of test persons who are trained for odour measurements (concentration - intensity - hedonics) on the olfactometer. The available measuring instruments allow long-term and short-term sampling and the determination and evaluation of odour-relevant gases.
  • Mobile weather stations allow the recording of the relevant dispersion parameters at any location - even over long periods of time.

With this know-how it is possible to perform the following tests at LIU:

  • Protest evidence
  • review statements
  • Odour-emitting systems in all industries
  • Examination of exhaust gas purification systems
  • Development of odour filters and measurements on pilot plants
  • Determination and evaluation of odour emissions and immissions (concentration - intensity - hedonic)
  • Emission reduction measures on a physical and/or chemical basis
  • Research and development projects in the field of immission control.

In cooperation with an accredited measuring laboratory according to § 29b BImschG, the following services may be offered:

  • Acceptance measurements of flue gas cleaning systems
  • Immission measurements in the form of grid and plume measurements according to VDI 3940 with the possibility of recalculation to the emissions
  • Dispersal calculations according to odour immission guideline (GIRL) or according to relevant VDI guidelines
  • Calculation of the flow around the soil with a particle model for the representation of odour propagation and frequency
  • Special assessments for immission conflicts in urban land-use planning for odours and noise
  • Environmental impact assessments in accordance with the EIA Act - especially for livestock facilities
  • sound measurements and assessments
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