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The laboratory for ventilation and air conditioning is located - together with some other laboratories - in one of the two large test halls of the Faculty Energy · Building Services · Environmental Engineering.
The successful completion of the internship in the field of ventilation and air-conditioning is preliminary testing.
The following tests are currently on the programme:
  1. System description of the climatic test section


  2. Performance and control behaviour of an air heater


  3. Investigation of different ceiling air outlets (comparison grille diffuser vs. Swirl diffuser)


  4. Measurement investigation of the heat recovery with the vertical heat pipe ("Heatpipe")


  5. Air humidification with the adiabatic Düsenstock humidifier ("air shear")
Diplomanden, who are working on their diploma thesis in the laboratory for ventilation and air-conditioning technology, are also required to be involved in the setup of the experimental set-up as well as in the obligatory engineering work. A good mood in the team and some craftsmanship are always a guarantee for success.
The climate test track - pictured here for about half a century - is an air conditioning system specially designed for the training of students in air conditioning. All the integrated components of classic air-conditioning technology are very widely integrated here, so that it is possible to walk through transparent access hatches between all the components. An upstream simulating section allows the plant to be operated independently of the season.
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