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The laboratory essentially has two tasks and goals that benefit from each other and complement each other very well:

On the one hand, the laboratory serves the students as a place for internships, so that the knowledge from the courses can be applied in a practice-oriented way through experiments and experiments. The internships will be carried out at facilities that have essentially arisen from third-party funded projects. They are current and partly anticipate developments which the student will only encounter in reality in the near future.

On the other hand, projects from the entire sanitary engineering environment can be carried out in the laboratory. For this purpose, measuring instruments of all kinds, powerful EDP systems and, as a special feature, large quantities of circulating water, which is required for better visualisation, are available.

For freely flowing water in downpipes, in particular for pressure relief tests, a difference in height of about 15m is available. A large number of third-party funded projects and diploma theses document the efficiency of the laboratory.

The Laboratory for Sanitary Equipment is part of Laboratory Area 4.7 and thus has access to equipment and staff.

Following internships are done during the semesters:

  • Welcome, briefing, instruction, video film
  • Ströand pressure conditions in sewer pipes
  • Test stand for roof drain
  • Adjustment and measurement of roof drains in case of pressure design
  • Computer simulation of pressure designs acc. to VDI 3806 with Microsoft Excel
  • Computer simulation of pressure designssserungen nach VDI 3806 via manufacturer software
  • Measurement of a solar system for drinking water supply
  • Computer simulation of a solar system for drinking water supply
  • Measurement of the hydraulic parameters of a thermostatic balancing valve
  • Measurement of the self-cleaning capacity of a solar system

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