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The Team

The research group of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helmut Grüning includes the scientific staff members Christian Schmidt M.Eng, Thorsten Schmitz M.Eng. and  Andrea Börgermann B.Eng. Moritz Böttcher, Teresa Lange, Niklas Olbertz, Rizkita Pinem and Andree Schulte are student assistants. The team carries out research and development projects and assists students with their final theses and various internships.

In addition to models for the investigation of technical filters, the acrylic glass system also enables clear experiments to be carried out to illustrate flow processes. The semi-technical model of a sewer network consists of pipe sections (DN 150) and various system elements, such as

  • Operating shafts in special and standard design,
  • a rainwater overflow with restrictor,
  • one culvert,
  • a rainwater tank,
  • a whirlwind chute and
  • a steep section.

Volume flows of up to 15 l/s can be discharged under pressure or in free level flow (channel flow) in the pipes.

Practical Courses

In complementary practical courses students can measure calculated hydraulic phenomena.

Phenomena such as the energy level and the energy line gradient as well as hydraulic losses are difficult to visualize in the lecture hall. In the laboratory system, for example, the friction-specific decrease of the energy level in lines as well as influences and magnitudes of different individual losses are quantified by measurement. Forms of flow change (alternating jump), turbulent and laminar flow as well as the overfall over a prank weir etc. are illustrated clearly.

The understanding of different operating conditions is promoted in different experiments. By the addition of floating bodies and sediments, the consequences of sedimentation endangered minimal discharges can be observed. The hydraulic processes at limit loads due to heavy rainfall events (relief, accumulation and overflow) are clarified.

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