Particle Image Velocimetry

The Laboratory for flow measurement is specialized in Particle Image Vecocimetry (PIV). With the PIV, spatial flow patterns can be recorded without being touched.

For this small particles are added to the flow. A laser spans a light plane in the flow. A special camera takes two pictures of the particles in the light plane in a short sequence. The open source software JPIV, which is maintained in the laboratory for flow measurement technology, finally determines the displacement of the particles in the entire recording range.


We have developed a water circulation channel in which master students independently measure the flow around any cylindrically extruded shapes using PIV. The images can be evaluated either on the student's own notebook or on the Steinfurter Campus Cluster (SCC, a central high-performance computer).


The water circulation channel is suitable for a large number of student projects. Simply speak Prof. Vennemann an!


How can rooms be ventilated in an energy-efficient and comfortable way? With PIV measurements in a model room, Eva Mesenhöller tries to understand how pulsating ventilation can evenly distribute temperature and reduce energy consumption.

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