Laboratories in the environmental engineering network

The Laboratory for Environmental Technology consists of a network of the following laboratory areas of professors with the specialization "Environmental Technology":

  • Laboratory for water, waste water and waste (Room C 161)
  • Laboratory for Immission Control and Environmental Technology (B 107)
  • Laboratory for hydraulics and urban hydrology (E 248)
  • E-Mobility Centre of the Münster University of Applied Sciences (Geb J)

The various internships and excursions are coordinated in the laboratory network. The students independently carry out a large number of experiments and analyses. The laboratory staff is always available for questions and assistance.

Practical Courses

The following internships (with content examples) are offered for the respective subject areas:

  • Waste management (composting experiments, landfill leachate investigations with excursion to a landfill)
  • Waste water technology (spectrum of waste water analysis, microscopic activated sludge analysis, excursion to waste water treatment plants)
  • Biology and process engineering (investigations on biofilters, excursion to the nature reserve "Holy Sea")
  • Water protection (microscopic plankton investigations with sampling at a water body, biological determination of water quality)
  • immission control (olfactometry, immission control report for a composting plant with sampling on the plant, excursion to various industrial plants)
  • Hydraulics and urban hydrology (flow processes in pressure and gravity lines, metrological determination of hydraulic pressure and energy level losses in a semi-industrial test facility, throttling characteristic curve)
  • Water chemistry (dissolution tests, pH value measurements, conductivity determinations, oxygen content)
  • Water supply (drinking water analysis, bacteriological investigations, filtration experiments, excursion to the Ahlintel waterworks)

Laboratory equipment of the laboratory area "Water, waste water and waste".

The laboratory equipment of the "Water, waste water and waste" laboratory area includes:

  • Drinking water analysis (pH-value, conductivity, oxygen content, water hardness, iron, manganese, chloride, nitrate, turbidity, p/H-value)
  • Waste water analysis (BOD, COD, TOC, IC, sludge analysis, ammonium determination)
  • Microbiological investigations (use of an autoclave)
  • 15 Microscopes for the qualification of microorganisms in waters
  • sieve analysis and determination of bed porosity
  • kf-value determination
  • toxicity tests (e.g. luminescent bacteria test)
  • Semi-technical pilot plant for dissolved air flotation
  • Semi-technical pilot plant for multi-layer filtration in the field of drinking water treatment

Environmental excursions

An excursion week takes place once a year. In the yearly change, the participants visit facilities in the north or south of Germany.

Examples: Langenau waterworks (Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria), Köhlbrandhöft sewage treatment plant in Hamburg, water treatment in VW's Wolfsburg plant.

Qualifications and proof of specialist knowledge

Environmental engineering students acquire the certificate of competence for:

  • Company representatives for waste (§§ 54 ff. KrW-/AbfG)
  • Company officer for water protection (§§ 21a ff WHG)

And last but not least, the laboratory's own aquarium offers a direct insight into the fascinating habitat of the underwater world.

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