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Structural fire protection in building technology

Approval notices, fire protection certificates, individual tests, building regulations and the Piping Systems Directive - rarely are the regulations as varied and confusing as in structural fire protection. In addition, this topic must be considered by the many specialist planners and executing companies together. This interdisciplinary thinking requires great discipline on the part of all those involved. The slightest deviation leads to the fact that the entire fire protection of a building is called into question. Last but not least, Germany's largest airport construction site has to learn a lot here. This symposium will first explain the basic regulations by experts from the field and create an understanding of what has to be observed in detail. Practical examples underpin this and the latest developments, such as being able to lay cables with "zero spacing" under certain conditions, will be presented. This is precisely why practical requirements regarding the layout of shafts have only become solvable in the first place. However, fire protection issues are also becoming increasingly important in the ongoing operation of a building. The jungle of regulations also applies here, and the question as to whether fire protection solutions from the time when the building was constructed are still valid is increasingly to be answered in the negative. Here, too, the symposium aims to provide assistance - not least through a legal contribution. The symposium is aimed at all those involved in construction, in particular all technical planners of building services, as well as civil engineers, contractors, facility managers and operators of large properties.


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