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Strengthening renewable energies with the help of sector coupling

The average share of renewable energies in electricity generation in Germany in 2017 was more than 38%, more than ever before. On 30.4.2017 renewable energies reached a peak value in the German grid with about 85% of the electricity.

Regionally, more and more electricity surpluses are also being produced that have not yet been used or have not even been produced (throttling of existing plants). Sector coupling increases the options for the use of electrical energy and contributes to the fact that the existing renewable energy potentials can be used to a greater extent.

The climate protection targets in Germany call for a reduction in the use of fossil fuels. Although more than a third of the electricity is generated from renewable sources, heat generation and mobility are still far behind.

The term sector coupling refers to the integrated consideration of the areas of electricity, heat and mobility. The expansion of renewable energies, power storage solutions, Power to X technologies and flexible energy management systems are needed for the climate-friendly use of e-mobility, heat pumps etc..

The goal is a sustainable and future-proof technology infrastructure in the region and beyond.

The event is organised jointly by the Münster University of Applied Sciences, the EnergyAgency.NRW and the Steinfurt district and is aimed at decision-makers from politics and business, employees of local administrations, environmental associations and the interested public.

You are cordially invited to inform yourself and to contribute.

We are looking forward to your participation


Where does the event take place?

FH Münster
Stegerwaldstr. 39
48565 Steinfurt
Building S - Room S1


The University of Applied Sciences is easily accessible both by train and by car. A map and a description can be found here.

Amount for participation

75 €, including drinks during breaks and lunch. Participation is free of charge for students of the FH Münster. The participation fee is also due if you do not attend the event despite registering.

Limited number of participants - to be considered in order of registration!


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mail: behnfh-muensterde

Monika Löber
Roßstraße 92, 40476 Düsseldorf
Network/ Topic Biomass
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