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How to treat highly polluted wastewater from industry and agriculture economically - conserving resources

In terms of content, the event focused on the cleaning of highly polluted waste water from industry and agriculture. There are considerable resources, not only for nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, but also for carbon compounds, which are currently still frequently combined with the usual, expensive treatment processes of municipal wastewater treatment can be treated.

Against the backdrop of rising energy costs and the increased requirements for the discharge of pre-treated industrial waste water, it is now necessary to introduce new and cost-efficient ways of wastewater treatment and utilization. From as the field of nitrogen depollution is of great importance in the modern Agriculture, not only against the background of increased groundwater pollution nitrate, but also against the background of the economic operation of e.g. biogas plants, most of which will be financed in the near future from the promotion of the
Renewable Energies Act will fall.

There are already a large number of technologies that can be used in practice in an economical way.
or which come from neighbouring branches of industry, e.g. into the can be transferred to agriculture.

This 13th bioenergy symposium specifically informed about these possibilities of the Saving of energy and therefore costs and the reuse of valuable Resources through recycling and use in other areas.

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