Mit dem Fachbereich Energie · Gebäude · Umwelt bilden Sie gemeinsam Ihren Nachwuchs passgenau aus und binden somit hochqualifizierte Führungskräfte von morgen bereits früh an Ihr Unternehmen.

Online information event: video conference about the dual study program for interested companies.
26. April 2022 | 15-16 Uhr
2. Mai 2022 | 15-16 Uhr

Energy technology, building technology or environmental technology: here you can get all the important info on the structure and process of the dual study program.

Dual studies - What's that?

Dual means: students complete a full bachelor's degree with longer practical phases in your company. In this way, students deepen the theoretical foundations in a practical way in your company. At the end of the program, students receive a first university degree that qualifies them for a profession, but not a degree in a recognized apprenticeship profession.

Either prospective students start the dual engineering program directly after graduating from high school, or your company offers its own trainees the opportunity to gain further qualifications with the program.

Become part

If your company is interested in becoming a cooperation partner in the dual study program at the Department of EGU, please fill out the form. We will then get in touch with you.

Advantages for your company

Qualified staff

By combining theory and practice, your company receives technically and academically well-trained engineers. They are already familiar with the internal processes and are therefore ready to work immediately after graduation. There is no need for time-consuming and costly induction training.

Optimal knowledge transfer

The students bring the knowledge they acquire at the university directly into your company. Conversely, we as a university benefit from the knowledge and skills gained in practice and can incorporate them into our course content.

Individual contract drafting

Individual agreements between your company and the student ensure that the future engineers can easily reconcile the different learning times and company activities.

Long-term commitment

If you enable your young employees to complete a dual study program, you can in return bind them contractually to your company for several years after graduation - subject to mutual agreement.
This way, you retain the investment. In addition, you save yourself the time-consuming and cost-intensive search for personnel.

The right thing for your company?

Yes, if you want to retain motivated and well-trained engineers* in the long term.

Yes, if your company has a need for positions with academic qualifications and if your business orientation matches the study program offered by the Department of Energy - Building - Environment.

Yes, if you are willing to support the students in the best possible way. Ihr Betrieb sollte die nötige Infrastruktur und einen Betreuer zur Verfügung stellen. This person accompanies the students during the practical phase, is informed about the study contents and is available as a permanent contact person.

Contact & Support

We are available to answer any questions you may have about the dual study program.

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