Study and gain a particularly large amount of practical experience - that's what's behind the dual study program. You complete a full-fledged degree in energy, building or environmental technology and also gain valuable work experience in the company with which you sign a practical contract. The special feature: There is no need for additional vocational training.

With your bachelor's degree in your pocket, you will be doubly qualified to start your career as an engineer.

1. Practical relevance

It's the mix that makes it. On the one hand, you receive a very good academic education. On the other hand, you apply what you have learned promptly and practically in the company. You will also already be familiar with the company's internal processes. After graduation, you will be ready to work straight away.

2. Individual contract design

Individual agreements between you and the company ensure that you, as a student, can easily reconcile the different learning times and company activities.

3. Salary during studies

The practice contract with a company secures you a monthly salary. This makes it easier to finance your studies. Working a job on the side is usually not necessary - you can concentrate fully on your studies.

4. Easy career start

You have already worked in the company, participated in real projects and orders. The company has also already invested in you. It is often the case that, in return, the company commits itself contractually to you as a future engineer. This ensures that you can easily start your career directly after graduation.

How to aplicate?

1. Before applying to Münster UAS, you will conclude a study contract with a company. The department will gladly support you in selecting a suitable company. Please contact the dean's office.

In the study contract you make the individual arrangements with regard to remuneration, learning times at the university, practical phases in the company as well as vacation days.

After you have submitted the requested documents to the Service Office for students (study contract, diploma, etc.) and the semester fee is transferred, the dual study can begin. Our Bachelor's programs always start in the winter semester.

Cooperation partners

Good to know

University entrance qualification

The basic studies are identical for all students of energy, building and environmental engineering. They all study together. That's why you can change courses without any problems until the third semester, if you wish!

As a rule, this is a high school diploma or a vocational baccalaureate.

Pre-study internship

As a prerequisite for the program, you must complete a four-week internship. This should be in a technical or predominantly technical field. Up to four weeks of this can also be completed in a commercial field. Please refer to the file below to find out in which professional fields you can do the internship. The internship must be proven by the beginning of the third semester.


If you have completed vocational training, this can be recognized instead. You can also find out which professions are eligible for this in the file below.


And after bachelor?


As a Bachelor of Engineering, you have the opportunity to complete an advanced Master's degree.

The EGU department also offers you four different Master's programmes.

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