Latest news from sanitary technology

The 19th Sanitary Technolgy Symposium once again devoted to a wide range of topics relating to sanitary technology this year. Technical experts presented their topics from an application-oriented and scientific point of view.

This year these included changes in European drinking water standards, fire-fighting technology and drinking water temperatures in buildings, as well as the topics of weather events and drainage technology.
In addition to the lectures, a small trade exhibition in the breaks offered opportunities for discussion and technical discussions.

A wide audience was addressed: specialist planners, contractors, operators and technical staff of large properties, hospitals and nursing homes

Enquired at the Ingenieurkammer Bau NRW and the Architektenkammer NRW as further training event.

The scientific support of the symposium was provided by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carsten Bäcker and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franz-Peter Schmickler from the Department of Energy - Buildings - Environment. Organizer of the symposium was the TAFH Münster GmbH of the FH Münster.

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