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The 20th Sanitary Engineering Symposium has a special claim: In addition to the topicality of all specialist topics, we want to shed light on the relationship to history. In the long tradition of the existence of the symposia we have reached a technical state in sanitary engineering which may be called HighTech.

On the one hand the drinking water hygiene stands in the foreground. Compliance with the temperature limits dictated by hygiene on the cold as well as on the warm side continues to cause problems. 40 years ago, for the first time, Legionella, which was diagnosed as the cause of death, triggered the topic.

Today we react with technology to temperature compliance: cold water circulation, regulation technology, scalding protection and tolerance limits of 30 seconds are exciting topics that we address in this context.

Standardization is also a topic that must be presented again and again. National supplementary standards in the form of DIN SPEC regulations show that in Germany we place particularly high demands on the quality of our drinking water. What does this mean for operators, builders and planners? What relevance do DIN SPEC standards have for us? What does the planner have to consider in order to be prepared for the future?

A wide specialist audience is addressed: planners, contractors, operators and technical personnel of large properties, hospitals and retirement homes.

Enquired at the Ingenieurkammer Bau NRW and the Architektenkammer as advanced training event.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carsten Bäcker and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franz-Peter Schmickler from the Department of Energy - Buildings - Environment will provide scientific support for the symposium. Organizer of the symposium is the TAFH Münster GmbH of the FH Münster.


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