What is a dual study programme?

You combine vocational training in the company with the practice-oriented study of electrical engineering or computer science. After completing the programme, you will not only have a Bachelor's degree certificate, but also a recognised IHK qualification. The training-integrated degree programme thus gives you two degrees in just four years.

What advantages does the dual study programme offer?

  • Theory and practice: The combination of theory and practice is the greatest advantage of the dual study programme. Das akademische Wissen kann im Unternehmen unmittelbar in die Praxis umgesetzt werden und das Erlernte erhält so eine andere Qualität. The direct entry into professional life gives you insights into the structures and processes of the company.
  • Career prospects: During your studies you will get to know your training company very well and as a graduate you will already have several years of work experience. Most partner companies plan to employ the dual students as engineers in the company after they have completed their studies.
  • Remuneration: During the dual study programme, you earn your own money from the very beginning and are thus financially independent.
  • Two degrees: In only four years you will achieve two degrees. In the case of vocational training followed by a degree, the training and study time is at least five and a half years.

Is the dual study programme something for me?

For this degree programme, you should have completed your Abitur or Fachabitur with good or very good grades. Ideally, mathematics, computer science or physics are your favourite subjects. You should have an interest in practical work as well as in more theoretical issues.

Test yourself: How many of the questions would you answer in the affirmative?

  • Are you interested in electrical engineering or computer science?
  • Did you get a good or very good (subject) A-levels?
  • Would you like to do practical vocational training in an apprenticeship company at the same time?
  • Would it be good if you were paid by a company for your training and also for your entire studies?
  • Would you like to have a job already in your pocket after your studies?

How does the dual study programme work?

The standard period of study for the training-integrated degree programme is eight semesters. You spend the first year of your studies in the company and deal with the training. After this year, you take the intermediate examination and then begin the actual study programme.
You can find more information under the following link:

How do I apply?

Apply early: HR managers appreciate the commitment and initiative of applicants! You do not need a pre-study internship for the dual study programme.

On our German website you will find a selection of different companies that have advertised dual training positions.

As soon as you have signed the training contract, a study place will be reserved for you with us.

What are the earnings and costs?

The amount of the monthly salary is within the range of the normal training remuneration.

You can find more information on trainee remuneration in the North Rhine-Westphalia collective bargaining register (in German).

Traineeship remuneration
After passing the final IHK examination after two and a half years, most companies pay a monthly salary equivalent to the training allowance for the last year.

Tuition fees
Tuition fees are not currently charged. Only the usual semester contribution must be paid. Companies often pay the semester contribution.

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