A prerequisite for acceptance to the programme or for the continuation of studies is an undergraduate degree in Engineering or the Natural Sciences with an overall grade of "good" (2.5) or better.

The degree programme

In general and subject-specific compulsory modules, you will broaden your foundation of technical as well as social skills. Thereafter, you will choose your desired professional/technical spectrum from specialisation modules in Automation Technology, Information Technology and Communications Engineering, Renewable Energies or Embedded Engineering. You then take three specialisation modules that provide the necessary skills. If a specialisation strikes you as too restricted, then choose the three specialisation modules most relevant for you. Advanced and supplementary compulsory elective modules provide additional qualifications to give students the tools they need to face new technological challenges.

Course sequence

For four semesters of the three-year part-time degree programme, you will study half the modules of a full-time programme. One of the six semesters (a winter semester) is a full-time semester. If you start in the winter, this will be your fifth semester; if you start in the summer, it will be your fourth semester.


  • Better career opportunities, enhanced knowledge and experience
  • Specialisation by expanding on content
  • A strong basis for working in industry and research
  • A foundation for possible future doctoral study

Occupational fields

This Master's degree programme helps students to develop their own distinct profile, fostering a theoretical, scientific outlook but without abandoning the connection to practice. You are already acquainted with typical fields of your occupation, e.g. in the areas of hardware and software, system development, and project management, planning and execution - in industry, in small and medium-sized enterprises, or anywhere a high level of professional and theoretical skills is required. The part-time Master's degree programme will give you well-rounded qualifications in automation technology, production engineering and power transmission, in information technology and communications engineering, in consulting or in sales.

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