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So you want to take a look beyond the boundaries of electrical engineering and also consider economic aspects. Then you are studying Business Management in Technology focusing on Electrical Engineering at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Münster University of Applied Sciences.

Content and course of studies

Starting with the first semester, you will simultaneously study electrical engineering and economics, with an initial focus on electrical engineering. In the first semesters, you will acquire the skills for the technical subjects of your later studies in the basic subjects of electrical engineering, electronics, mathematics and computer science. At the same time, you will acquire basic knowledge in economics in your second major. In the third semester, two new modules specially designed for industrial engineers will be added for you. You will develop competences in the field of quality management which will enable you as an industrial engineer to evaluate and guarantee product quality.

The Technical Writing module provides skills that enable you to produce technical documentation, manuals and applications for economic support. In semesters 4 and 5, the proportion of economic science modules will increase and technical and non-technical electives will enable you to sharpen your professional profile.

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