Fiber optic mandrel with different connectors

The lecture Optical Communications is offered as an elective course in the 3rd Semester of the Master Electrical Engineering and as an elective course of the Master Photonics (Department Physical Engineering).

Similtaneously it is an offer to all students of the Bachelor Electrical Engineering in the 5th semester, who want to attend this lecture als a 4-lesson elective course.

The lecture offers knowledge and know-how about the components and systems of optical data transmission via optical fibers.

Part of the lecture are exercises, where the learned subjects are repeated with a concrete example by oneself.

Accompanying the lectures alab course is offered. It consists of the following four experiments:

  • Analysing optical light sources
  • Splicing of optical fibers
  • Optical time domain reflectometry
  • Confectioning of fiber-optic connectors

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