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First-year students

Student orientation events for first-year students take place on Wednesday, 27 September 2017 at 13:00 in Room D250 and Thursday, 28 September 2017 at 14:00 in Room D250. You should definitely take part in the department's welcoming events. As a first-year student, the student orientation events are required. You will meet many important contacts and receive key information about the course sequence. In addition, in the afternoon we host a barbecue, giving you a chance to get to know your fellow students and personal mentors in a relaxed atmosphere. You won't want to miss these two orientation events!

Mentoring programme

First-year students are supported by mentors from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Building on the experience from previous years, we have optimised the concept, tailoring it to the needs of first-year students. The mentoring programme will be presented at student orientation on 27 September 2017 and 28 September 2017, when first-year students have the opportunity to meet their personal mentor. The aim of the programme is to improve the orientation process and to get used to university life more quickly. The programme involves getting to know the university and study conditions, getting in contact with other students and forming study groups. Mentors complete several days of training to be able to perform this task. Your contact person for the mentoring programme is Ms. Schäfer.

Course timetable

The course timetable for all degree programmes at the department is expected to be available online in calendar week 38/39. According to our experience, dates and rooms may change at the beginning of the semester. For this reason, pay attention to changes and notices on the bulletin board. In the first semester (for students of dual programmes in the third semester), it is not possible to register for laboratory classes via LSF. Places on laboratory classes are assigned after the beginning of the course. The course timetable will be presented during student orientation.

Do I have to register for laboratory classes?

You do not have to register for laboratory classes for the first semester. Places for laboratory classes are usually allocated in the first week of classes during a course. During student orientation, you will be informed about the dates for the assignment of places on laboratory classes for first-year students. As soon as the positions are determined, you will be informed about the beginning of the particular laboratory classes.

How do I register for examinations?

Examination dates for first semester courses are either in the two-week examination session at the end of January / beginning of February or in the second session from mid-March. Detailed examination scheduling usually takes place around mid-September. You must register for each examination which you want to attend, either online via the LSF portal or at the Dean's Office.

Please note:

Make sure that you take all examinations that are scheduled at the end of the first semester!

Guided tour of the library

There is an informational tour of the library at the beginning of the semester, explaining the wide range of possibilities with regard to lending, literature search, online information and much more. You can register for this tour during student orientation.

User ID and email address

You will have received your email address and user ID in the booklet together with your student ID. You will need the central user ID and the corresponding password in order to access password-protected websites of Münster University of Applied Sciences.

In case of problems, please contact IT Support in Building Part D

Where can I find financial support?

Information about student funding opportunities can be found on the main websites of the university.

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