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The aim of the rule on admission to laboratory classes in senior semesters is to encourage Bachelor's students who are behind in their academic performance after their initial semesters to seriously rethink their individual course sequence. In light of this, teaching staff from the programme support them in this process with intensive advisory services.


Participation in laboratory classes after the third (Electrical Engineering) or fourth (Computer Science) semester is contingent on previous performance during the first two semesters. If the admission requirements are not met, admission can be obtained by taking part in an advisory discussion. Admission to the majority of laboratory classes is granted after an individual advisory discussion.

Advisory services

If the admission requirements are not met, admission to laboratory classes can be obtained under the following conditions: - The student prepares an individual course schedule in writing, stating which outstanding modules will be taken in subsequent semesters. - On the basis of this individual course schedule, she/he takes part in an advisory discussion with a member of the teaching staff from the degree programme. - The student chooses a member of the teaching staff for the advisory discussion. - The advisory member of the teaching staff does not decide on the student's participation in modules in senior semesters. The student alone decides this. If the points specified have been fulfilled, the student is admitted to laboratory classes without any further conditions. Note: In addition to the general regulations, there are three specific regulations related to safety for the Bachelor's degree programme in Electrical Engineering. Due to these three regulations, admission solely on the basis of an advisory discussion is not possible.


If you have any questions, please contact the Dean of Studies.
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