The bachelor study programme is an undergraduate course leading to a first professional degree after six semesters.

It is a comprehensive programme that focuses, however, on fundamental specialist knowledge and methodological expertise in the core areas of the building industry. A choice of options enables students to pursue areas of specialisation that suit their aptitude.

Qualification: access to the world of work

With this degree, graduates achieve a first qualification giving them access to professions in the fields of building design, project development and management, construction site management and facility management, as well as in creative fields. The degree qualifies graduates to be entered in the "register of craftsmen" at the Chamber of Trade, and gives them access to the higher civil service and, above all, to advanced master study programmes. The Master degree can be in either Architecture or any other related subjects, such as Stage Design, Urban Development, Real Estate Management or Facility Management.

The bachelor is the basis for studying architecture at Master level. However, completion of the bachelor as the first degree in a tiered study programme does not qualify graduates to take up the profession of architect or to be registered or licensed by the Architectural Association.

The degree awarded following the bachelor programme is the "Bachelor of Arts", abbreviated to "B.A."

The tiered Bachelor/Master system at the MSA

In compliance with its accreditation, studies at the MSA qualify graduates internationally to practise the protected profession of architect according to the UNESCO/UIA standards after 10 semesters of study. The Master degree qualifies graduates for the senior civil service, and enables them to pursue doctoral studies. The BA/MA study system at the MSA therefore differs considerably from short degrees with only eight semesters. Although such Bachelor degrees are sufficient for entry to the Architectural Association, they are not recognised internationally in accordance with the UIA. The MSA attaches importance to five-year tiered BA/MA studies with additional work placements, in compliance with the international UNESCO/UIA standards.

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