Campus atmosphere


United on the Leonardo Campus

On the Leonardo Campus, the life of architecture students is concentrated in an environment conducive to studying. It is here that the creative spectrum of the university landscape is gathered, with the study programmes Architecture, Art and Design. In addition to studying, students are invited to spend time on the "Green Campus", at the café 8bar and, last but not least, with the student community. All institutions relevant to studying architecture can be found directly on campus. The library, workshops, MAC pools, laser and 3D plotter, photographic studio, plot service and canteen are all close by.

Student participation is taken very seriously!

The participation model of students in all areas of university life is exemplary in the German higher education landscape. The student body sees itself as a part of "münster school of architecture" and is consciously and responsibly involved in organising the msa. Thanks to active student involvement in important tasks and faculty policy decisions, participation represents a significant element of the msa.

Student tutorship

The special commitment of students in this participation model means they have a strong identification with their studies. Mid-level faculty do not exist at the msa, and are replaced by the tried and tested tutor system. As tutors in the faculty team, around 70 advanced students are directly involved in organising teaching. The relationship between lecturers and students is significantly characterised by this close cooperation. Thanks to this model, students are given the opportunity to experience social responsibility and critical debate, paired with the corresponding skills, to prepare them for working as an architect.

Student as Vice Dean

The participation model is most clearly visible in the Dean's Office: one of the two Vice Deans is chosen from the ranks of the student body, and is involved in the responsibility of the Dean's Office on an equal footing. The Dean's Office is elected by the Faculty Council. In this body, 5 of the 12 members with voting powers are also students. Furthermore, students of the msa are involved in various university-wide decision-making bodies and the Senate of Münster University of Applied Sciences.

Even at the preparatory stage...

Participation begins with the first steps taken towards embarking on the degree programme. Students provide portfolio consultation and advise prospective students, based on their own experience, to help them prepare for the aptitude test. In self-organised orientation tutorials, they introduce freshers on the Bachelor programme to studying architecture. The student council manages student workplaces, students run the in-house photographic studio, the digital laboratory, the plot service and the "Annual", the msa exhibition held every year, as well as other extracurricular events, such as the lecture series "Stadtansichten" (Urban Views).

A special highlight is the café 8bar, which has been managed successfully by the students' non-profit association manöver_fünf e.V. for several years. The café is a firmly established communication platform on the Leonardo Campus, and a regular meeting place and hub for all students.

Münster - the most liveable city in the world

Münster's special flair is characterised by its historic centre, its green belt, called the "Promenade", the bustling popular dockland area, Lake Aa in the heart of the city and, at the end of the day, its student population of over 50,000. After all, it is the students who enrich urban life, in addition to the broad cultural spectrum that Münster has to offer its residents. In 2004, the City of Münster was conferred the title of the "most liveable city in the world" by the LivCom Award.