Be an entrepreneur! Our mission:

We want to inspire, empower and accompany potential entrepreneurs - innovation-oriented, individualized and person-focused, interdisciplinary, cross-organizational as well as quality-based - and cooperatively develop our ecosystem accordingly on a continuous basis..


Specifically, this means:

Inspire: We want to raise awareness for entrepreneurial thinking and action and the career option of start-up (and business succession) and inform about opportunities on the path to self-employment - with attractive events, examples of successful start-ups from FH Münster University of Applied Sciences and its ecosystem, and digital content.

Empower: We provide qualifications in all start-up-relevant topics, impart technical and methodological know-how, and support the personal development of our founders.

Support: We offer start-up-related consulting, personality-oriented coaching and professional-scientific mentoring. We also help with access to work and office space as well as research infrastructure, start-up grants and capital, as well as regional, national and international networks.


In order to help shape a strong and innovative business landscape in Münsterland in the future,

  • we are open to creative ideas and with the willingness to continuously develop ourselves as well;
  • we are oriented towards the potential of each individual, whom we accompany on his or her personal career path according to their needs;
  • we involve the entire university with its interdisciplinary scientific and methodological competences, experiences and networks;
  • we work in a network with numerous institutions for the promotion of start-ups in the region as well as with national and international partner universities;
  • we are there for students, employees and alumni (up to 5 years after graduation/leaving the university).


We are able to do this in particular because our start-up support is gratefully financially supported by the following projects:

Read more about it:

Academic Scorecard Entrepreneurship

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