We benefit greatly from the fact that, since 2004, we have been pursuing exchange processes with our industry partners at three levels of action:

  • Strategically at the Presidential Board level
  • Scientifically/analytically at the research centre level
  • Operationally at the level of a service provider for the promotion of innovation and for project development

Thinking. Steering. Acting.

Put simply, we refer to this basic philosophy as "Thinking. Steering. Acting." and as our "Innovation Triangle". Based on the close mutual exchange of ideas, it influences methods, processes and projects in a bid to step up research and transfer activities at our university.

Fundamental decisions research and transfer guidelines , die that are coordinated with the Board of Trustees and the Senate,  to the iterative process of developing transfer objectives for strategic university plans, to structural decisions such as establishing a legally independent transfer agency or stressing the issue of transfer/partnerships by directly assigning it to a member of the university management and giving that individual a corresponding title.

Science Marketing - marketing research

Our "Science Marketing" research centre develops scientific approaches to bring research competencies, capacities and results to the market. This means recognising that stakeholders' needs, demands and expectations form a market for research. The centre has therefore set itself the task of transferring models and instruments of market orientation to science and developing them, and of elaborating successful marketing strategies for research services.

The operational level focuses on using this "tool kit" to turn appropriate measures into lean and transparent transfer processes in line with our strategic commitments. TAFH Münster GmbH plays a crucial role in this.

TAFH - our promoter of innovation

Acting as a driver of innovation and a project developer, this company seeks to stimulate exchange processes, supports project development, searches for funding opportunities, takes on the commercial organisation of research and development projects, and enters into contracts with industry as required. The company organises conferences and other knowledge transfer formats, and, with its partners, develops and coordinates innovation initiatives with industry-specific or regional priorities. In close cooperation with startup networks, TAFH offers support to students and researchers who may be interested in setting up their own company, and, on request, is engaged in creating spin-offs if they evolve from a field that defines the university's profile.

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