Monday, March 23rd: Crisis team evaluates current situation

The crisis committee appreciates the level-headed action of most members of the university in the face of the current crisis situation.

The measures last decided by the university management on 18-19 March are being implemented at the university, and there have been almost no complaints or known violations.

"The situation remains unchanged even after yesterday's decisions by the Federal Government and the Länder", emphasised Chancellor Guido Brebaum. A tightening up is not necessary at present. The ban on more than two people not being allowed to meet expressly applies to the public, but not to internal meetings.

The upper limit set by Münster University of Applied Sciences for internal meetings with, as a rule, up to a maximum of five people remains in place. This also applies to oral examinations, which remain possible, but which are subject to the strict principle of voluntariness on both sides at Münster University of Applied Sciences. Wherever possible, digital formats should take precedence over face-to-face meetings. The emergency supply of books from libraries will also be maintained.

For all contacts it is urgently necessary to pay attention to the distance regulations; this applies especially in the laboratories. The university management once again points out the generous regulations for the use of home offices at Münster University of Applied Sciences and recommends all superiors to make this available to their staff as far as possible.

In addition, the current focus of the university organisation is the provision of digital teaching formats in all departments. "We want to shift as much of the material as possible to the digital level", emphasises President Prof. Dr. Ute von Lojewski.

Thursday, March 19th: Presidential Board appeals for solidarity: Whoever can help should help

In the current news ticker, the Presidental board has called on all staff to make a committed effort to deal with the current crisis situation. This also includes a lived solidarity: "This starts with all organisational units, where attendance times and workload are now unequally distributed", said President Prof. Dr. Ute von Lojewski. "Help each other mutually and across teams," adds Chancellor Guido Brebaum.
The university management expressly calls upon all students and employees who are currently unable to perform tasks for the university to become socially involved.

"So we have written to all students and asked them to check whether they would like to contact the Competence Centre for Humanitarian Aid, for example, to offer support", says the President. Many students have already accepted.

Especially students and staff with a medical background are urgently requested to make their work available. A report to the crisis management team of the city of Münster can be made via the Competence Centre Humanitarian Aid of Münster University of Applied Sciences by filling in the form at

In individual cases, it is possible to apply for special leave in accordance with § 25 of the NRW Special Leave Ordinance via the superiors if employees are involved in this.

The departments should also check whether they can contribute to overcoming the crisis - for example by providing equipment or technical innovations. In this case, please contact the Chancellor of FH Münster Guido Brebaum (kanzlerfh-muensterde).

Thursday, March 19th: Ban on business trips / exchange and cancellation of train tickets

The Presidential Board has decided to ban all business trips at home and abroad with immediate effect. Employees who wish to make an exception require permission from the President or the Chancellor.

Business travelers who want to postpone their trip within Germany because of the coronavirus will make use of the special goodwill regulations of the German Railway. Those affected can find information on this in the internal section of the Finance Department at

Wednesday, March 18th: Emergency supply with literature from Thursday

The university libraries on the Leonardo Campus and in Steinfurt will ensure the emergency supply of urgently needed literature from Thursday (19.3.). You can order books using the web form, which will be available from Thursday at If this is done by 6 pm, the books will be ready for collection the next day between 10:30 and 12 am: in Steinfurt only books from Steinfurt, on the Leonardo-Campus all books from the Hüfferstiftung, FHZ and Leonardo-Campus libraries.

If you only need single chapters from books or single essays from print journals, please use this form from Thursday on. The scanned pages will be sent to your FH e-mail address.

Please note that all books - no matter where they were borrowed - can only be returned at the return machine at the FHZ. Reason for this: Only here the automatic sorting according to the Departmental Libraries takes place. The return machine is accessible from the outside and can therefore be reached around the clock every day. For emergency operation of the University Library, please also see the FAQ at

Tuesday, March 17th: Important! New decisions for students and employees of the university

The state of NRW and the city of Münster issued several new decrees between 14 and 16 March, to which the university is now adapting:

Information for students and employees

  • As a general rule, you should keep a safety distance of at least two metres for all contact with people.

  • All buildings of the university will be generally closed from Thursday morning, 19.03. All employees can enter the buildings with their transponders or, if necessary, make a short circuit with the building officers for clarification. Students who have to enter the university - in order to complete final laboratory tests for their theses or oral examinations - please coordinate with their contact person* at the university so that they can be granted admission. Please observe the security regulations: There may be a maximum of five people in a room and only if there is a minimum distance of two metres between them! If the room is large enough, ten people are also possible, but this is the exception. Due to the closure of the university buildings, experimental or handicraft work in the laboratory as part of a project work for students is also not possible for the time being.

  • Special regulations apply to the university library from Thursday, 19.03. These still have to be approved by the City of Münster (for Steinfurt at the moment already given): Primarily the media retrieval is to be digital; many journals and monographs are available online. Media that are not available online can be ordered online and can be picked up in a daily time window (probably two hours/day):
    • in Münster: in the library on the Leonardo Campus
    • in Steinfurt: in the Departmental Library there.

  • Please refer to the pages of the University Library for detailed regulations, which will probably be announced there tomorrow at the latest.

  • From now on, meetings will only take place with a maximum of five people and only if there is at least two meters distance between the participants. If the room is large enough, meetings with ten people are also possible, but this is the exception. This regulation also applies to work in the laboratories and to appointment and selection interviews.

  • While FH Münster already decided last Saturday to largely discontinue the operation of the examination centre, the state of North Rhine-Westphalia yesterday decided this centrally for all universities. However, exceptions are possible: If online examinations are not possible, oral examinations or colloquia with participants of up to five persons can take place at Münster University of Applied Sciences if all participants agree (strict principle of voluntariness).

  • Until 19.04. not only all attendance events in teaching and further education are cancelled, but also all other events (e.g. symposia, congresses, lectures etc.). No reliable statement can be made at present for the period after this date. Especially for events with a high preparation effort, a postponement to late summer/autumn is recommended. Please also see the list of cancelled events.

  • In the next few weeks, various online offers will be made available in the teaching departments.

  • All travel returnees from risk areas are forbidden to enter our university for a period of 14 days. This prohibition of entry applies according to the decree of the NRW Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of 15.03.2020.

Information for employees

  • Managers are called upon to be generous with the regulations concerning the home office. Primarily, the requests of persons who belong to risk groups (previous illnesses, family members ill, ...) or who have no alternative solution for childcare should be granted.

  • The scope of the home office can be expanded at the discretion of superiors. The presence of employees of the central service facilities must be ensured. Models of alternating presence of employees (partly present, partly at home; always alternating with other colleagues who have similar tasks) are recommended by the university management.

  • Alternatively, overtime or (remaining) holidays can of course be taken. The reduction of overtime can also be ordered by the supervisor. The extended regulations concerning the home office are initially valid until 19.04. Further information on how to use the home office at Münster University of Applied Sciences can be found at

Saturday, March 14th: Examinations at Münster University of Applied Sciences will be discontinued on March 16th

Due to a new set of instructions from the NRW Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs, the Presidental Board of FH Münster decided after careful consideration at noon today that examination operations at our university will also be discontinued as of 16 March 2020. This also applies to the exams. Due to the significantly more stringent directives issued by the state of NRW today, we feel obliged to decide in case of doubt in favour of the protection of the health of students, staff and people in their environment.

However, exceptions are possible: If online exams are not possible, oral exams or colloquia with participants of up to five persons can take place at Münster University of Applied Sciences if all participants agree (strict principle of voluntariness).

A multitude of questions arise: Can exams be made up for? Will all exams be offered in the next semester? These questions need to be answered now. It is important to the Executive Board that students suffer as few disadvantages as possible. We will inform you as soon as details are known.

Friday, March 13th: UPDATE: MKW NRW postpones start of lecture period

The NRW Ministry of Culture and Science has today issued a decree postponing the start of the lecture period for the 2020 summer semester until 20 April. This regulation applies at FH Münster for attendance teaching. Courses (including continuing education and advanced training), laboratory practicals and excursions are suspended for the period from Monday, 16 March to 19 April for the time being. Instead, teaching content will be offered in digital form as far as possible. All examination dates, however, are to remain unchanged. The university libraries and PC pools will remain open for the time being, as will our central service facilities. The Studierendenwerk will also keep its facilities open until further notice. Further information on online teaching and home office regulations can be found at

Further Information

We have summarised all relevant information for employees, students, guests, lecturers and other members of Münster University of Applied Sciences in our FAQ on the corona virus. Here you will find, among other things, basic regulations of the university and information on courses (teaching, further education, examinations).

Contact persons

Accessing the Occupational Health Service&lt

You can call the Occupational Health Service on -58042 or -56081.

Contact persons

Communication group of the FH Münster

We have set up a central e-mail address for questions about specific event cancellations, dealing with suspected cases or other questions about dealing with the topic of coronavirus at our university. Please send your questions to coronavirusfh-muensterde. The e-mails are answered by a communication group consisting of three people:

  • Katharina Kipp, press officer, 0251 83-64090
  • Karsten Schäpermeier, Head of University Communication, 0251 83-64605
  • Petra Kraus-Brauckmann, Head of Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Protection, 0251 83-64801

The communication group will of course be happy to answer your questions by telephone. Please note, however, that it can only concern questions about the coronavirus in use at our university. For general questions about COVID-19, please contact the responsible public health department of your place of residence ( The Robert Koch Institute has set up a page with further information at

Contact for employees

Please contact the communication group by e-mail (coronavirusfh-muensterde) or telephone. You will find the contact details above. In addition, on-call duty applies immediately to the following persons: President Prof. Dr. Ute von Lojewski, Chancellor Guido Brebaum, Matthias Dieler, Head of Building Management, and Press Spokesperson Katharina Kipp. The mobile phone numbers can be found in the internal area. There is also an FAQ on questions of labour law.

Contact for students

Students of FH Münster should contact the communication group by e-mail (coronavirusfh-muensterde) or by phone. The contact details can be found above.

FH Münster Task Force

In addition, FH Münster has set up a task force on the issue:

  1. Prof. Dr. Ute von Lojewski, President
  2. Guido Brebaum, Chancellor, Head of Task Force
  3. Ursula Drosihn-Brunnbauer, Human Resources
  4. Matthias Dieler, Building and Facility Management
  5. Petra Kraus-Brauckmann, Building and Facility Management, AGU
  6. Christa Sobek-Pfeiffer, Company doctor
  7. Frank Martin, Occupational Health Service / UKM
  8. Katharina Kipp, Press Office
  9. Dr. Joachim Gardemann, Centre of Competence for Humanitarian Relief
  10. Dr. Christopher Niehues, Münster School of Health
  11. Dr. Jan Makurat, Centre of Competence for Humanitarian Relief, Department of Food · Nutrition · Facilities
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