CORONA-DASHBOARD (7-Tage-Inzidenz) Münster
Kreis Steinfurt
Quelle: Robert Koch-Institut

Company vaccination

Since 09 June, company medical vaccinations have been taking place at FH Münster. The booking of the appointments is usually possible on Mondays for the next vaccination appointment of the same week.

Initially, vaccinations will only be carried out at the Münster site on the Leonardo campus, for which all colleagues can of course register, regardless of their place of work. In addition, vaccinations take place at irregular intervals at the vaccination center in Münster (of course also independent of the duty station).

Current regulations

FH Münster has issued corona-related regulations that apply to all members of the university as well as guests. The following points are listed therein:

  • general regulations (including distance and hygiene rules)
  • Exams in presence
  • Classroom teaching and events
  • Building and access for non-FA students
  • University Library
  • home office
  • Business trips and excursions
If events are to be held in presence, then they are only allowed as hybrid events. Below you will find an overview of the rooms that are equipped with hybrid technology. The lists also show the maximum number of people allowed in the room:

Exams, teaching and communication

Self-tests for face-to-face events/internships/employees in presence (as at: 13.04.2021)

At FH Münster, self-tests are available for students and employees. Distribution is organized in the following order:

  • Employees and students of the exceptionally permitted face-to-face courses
  • People with many contacts on duty for 2 tests/week (e.g. library workers, janitors, etc.)
  • All employees in presence also 2 tests/week (distribution and notification of demand via the AGU department by the department management or ZSE managers)

The following continues to apply: mobile working from home remains the first priority - whenever possible; no test procedure replaces compliance with all relevant hygiene rules, such as keeping a distance, requiring masks, ventilation, etc.

Digital exams: Info for teachers

Lecture schedule: Info for teachers

For asynchronous teaching using video recordings, we recommend using the already established systems ILIAS and Panopto.

For synchronous teaching with the help of video lectures, the use of video conferencing systems is a good option.

A comprehensive overview of topics, suggestions, and ideas for designing digital courses can be found here:

Access to the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


Crisis team of the FH Münster

FH Münster has set up a crisis team. You can reach it under coronavirusfh-muensterde.

Please note, however, that it can only deal with questions about the coronavirus in our university. For general questions about COVID-19, please contact the responsible public health department of your place of residence ( The Robert Koch Institute has set up a page with further information at

Members of the crisis team:

  1. Prof. Dr. Ute von Lojewski, President
  2. Guido Brebaum, Chancellor, Chairman of the crisis team
  3. Ursula Drosihn-Brunnbauer, Dec. 4
  4. Matthias Dieler, Dec. 2
  5. Petra Kraus-Brauckmann, Dec. 2, AGU
  6. Dr. Frank Martin, Occupational Medical Service/UKM
  7. Katharina Kipp, Press Spokeswoman
  8. Prof. Dr. Joachim Gardemann, Competence Center Humanitarian Aid
  9. Prof. Dr. Christopher Niehues, FB 12
  10. Alexander Petrick, AStA
  11. Enya Meyer, AStA (deputy member)

Further Information

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