Regulations for students

Check-in at an event room


In order to ensure the traceability of chains of infection, you must register when entering an event room. You will find several posters with a QR code in the event rooms.

You can scan this code directly with the camera of your smartphone or with the QR-code scanner on the start page of the myFH portal.

After the scan and the login with FH-identification (if not logged in yet) you are checked in for the room.

If your smartphone cannot scan the QR Code, please use the manual check-in function in the myFH portal.

Please avoid a crowd of other students in front of the QR Codes and keep your distance.

Check-in is also possible via the link printed on the posters.

If you do not have access to digital check-in, please fill out a check-in form (slip of paper). Talk to your teachers about this if necessary.

After each course, all students will be checked out by their teachers. You will check in again independently in the next course.

Check-in and check-out in self-study areas and library


You no longer need a reservation for your visit to the university library.

In the self-study rooms and in the university library you have to "check in" (see check-in in an event room).

You will check out yourself at the end of your stay. Check-out posters with a QR code are displayed in the rooms. You can also check out on the homepage of the myFH portal.

If digital check-in is not possible for you, check-in forms (slips of paper) are available in the self-study areas.

As an alternative to the QR codes, the university library also offers check-in and check-out with your FH-Card.

Registration in ILIAS

Please check during your presence lectures whether registration via ILIAS is necessary.

Notes on events that are streamed

  • By entering the lecture hall you agree to the streaming of the event.
  • In principle, only the teacher is recorded by the camera.
  • If you make a spoken contribution, it will be streamed, i.e. your fellow students at home will hear it. The situation is similar to that of a pure video conference, except that your home is not filmed and you are not visible as long as you do not move into the camera area (lecturer area).
  • In principle, the event is only broadcast live, but not recorded. Should the lecturer decide to record the event, he/she will inform you of this before recording begins and ask for your consent. If you do not give your consent, you have the following options:
    • Do not actively participate in the event, as you will not be recorded.
    • Do not go into the camera area, so that no video recording of you is made.
    • instead of participating in the lecture hall, retrieve the recording online later to view the event virtually.

Information from the university

Tips and tools for online studies

Here you will find an overview of the tools used for frequently used courses as well as some tips and tricks for online communication, which have already proven their worth.

You need help?

The current situation is a great challenge for you as a student on many levels. Not only the organisation of your studies is different than usual, but also other questions and difficulties arise. At FH Münster, the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB) is your first point of contact.

The corona crisis and the associated restriction of social life can cause insecurity, worries and fears. Maybe you don't have anyone to talk to about it?

  • It worries you that you do not know exactly how and when you can take exams and/or complete your studies?
  • You are afraid that you won't be able to "get the hang of" your online studies because the e-learning formats are new to you, you don't know how to structure your day and you are worried about (more and more) procrastination?
  • Do you feel constantly stressed, although you actually have a lot of time now?
  • Do you have a pre-existing condition/stress that is currently increasing or do you observe symptoms that you cannot classify?
  • You are afraid that you or your relatives could be infected?
  • You have lost your part-time job and do not know how to make ends meet financially?
  • Are you worried about how BAföG and the course of studies will continue?
  • ...

These and other challenges are understandable and normal given the unprecedented situation and affect many students. However, you do not have to cope with them alone - at FH Münster and beyond, there are many contact points that will support you.

The easiest way to have a first conversation is to contact the Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB). We are there for you right now (by e-mail, telephone or video call) and help you to sort out your individual situation and to consider what the next steps might be. Or we can name other suitable contacts for you.

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