Regulations for students

3G verification in the winter semester

The Corona Protection Ordinance currently requires full health status checks (compliance with 3G: fully vaccinated, recovered or tested) upon entry to events. Events also include lectures, internships, exams, etc. You can find out what needs to be observed here in the FAQ.

Corona regulations of FH Münster

Furthermore, our corona-related regulations for members of the university and guests apply, of course.

Notes on events that are streamed

  • By entering the lecture hall you agree to the streaming of the event.
  • In principle, only the teacher is recorded by the camera.
  • If you make a spoken contribution, it will be streamed, i.e. your fellow students at home will hear it. The situation is similar to that of a pure video conference, except that your home is not filmed and you are not visible as long as you do not move into the camera area (lecturer area).
  • In principle, the event is only broadcast live, but not recorded. Should the lecturer decide to record the event, he/she will inform you of this before recording begins and ask for your consent. If you do not give your consent, you have the following options:
    • Do not actively participate in the event, as you will not be recorded.
    • Do not go into the camera area, so that no video recording of you is made.
    • instead of participating in the lecture hall, retrieve the recording online later to view the event virtually.

FAQ about face-to-face events

What is the 3G rule?

The 3G rule means that you only get access to most building and events, if you are either vaccinated (geimpft), recovered (genesen) or tested (getestet). This means that you must always have proof of 3G on you wherever you go.

Where does the 3G rule apply at FH Münster?

The rule applies to indoor events (lectures, seminars, exams, internships, group meetings). It also applies to the use of the library, self-study areas or PC pools.

How will my health status (3G) be checked?

Your health status must be checked on a daily basis in order to participate in an event. This is possible in two ways.

Digitally: You can voluntarily upload your vaccination or convalescence certificate in the myFH portal. This is already possible now. The certificates are automatically checked for authenticity. The certificates are not stored in the process - only the information that 3G has been fulfilled is stored for the duration of the validity, but at the longest until the end of the semester or until your - at any time possible - revocation.
With your consent, the storage of the fulfillment of the 3G property is required only once (confirmation of complete vaccination, recovery), otherwise it must be renewed daily.

Analogous (e.g. without smartphone): You can show your vaccination or convalescence certificate or your test result at a central contact point (tent manned by 2 to 4 people) and receive a wristband there.
In both cases, they also need an official identification document.

Who checks my health status on site?

There will be tents with staff at most locations. Here you can have your vaccination or convalescent certificate checked within the core hours. Outside the core hours and whenever there is no central control in front of the building or the event room, the respective teachers are responsible for the control.

What if I do not have or do not want to show a vaccination or recovery certificate?

Then you can show a current test at the tent. The staff at the Central Contact Point will then activate you in the myFH portal.

What happens if I do not have a proof of 3G on me?

If you are not carrying a valid 3G proof as well as an ID card with you, you will be excluded from all university events.

Which vaccinations are accepted?

Only vaccinations with a vaccine, which has been authorised in the EU, can be accepted. Please always check the information from Paul-Ehrlich-Institut (PEI) on the status of vaccines.

As of today (September 2021), only four vaccines can be accepted in Germany:

  • Comirnaty (Biontech/Pfizer)
  • Spikevax (Moderna)
  • Vaxzevria (Astra Zeneca)
  • Covid 19 vaccine Janssen (Janssen, Johnson&Johnson)

Some versions of those vaccines from other countries are accepted as equal when it comes to proof of vaccination status. You can find those on the website of PEI as well.

When am I fully immunized?

The immunisation/ vaccination status is only complete and accepted, once you have received two doses of either Comirnaty (Biontech/Pfizer), Spikevax (Moderna), or Vaxzevria (Astra Zeneca) or one dose of Janssen (Johnson&Johnson) and 14 days have passed since the second dose of vaccination, or, in the case of the Janssen vaccine, the single dose of vaccination.

What can I do if I have been vaccinated with a vaccine, which is not accepted in Germany?

If you have not been vaccinated with one of the vaccines, which are accepted in the EU, you do not count as being vaccinated at all in Germany. This means that as proof of 3G, you will always have to bring a negative test result not older than 48 hours whenever you enter FH Münster.

The citizen tests are free of charge for students who have been vaccinated with a vaccine, which is not accepted in Germany, until 31.12.2021.

Please contact a local doctor or the local vaccination centre to get information on the possibility of getting an additional vaccine, which is accepted in Germany.

Where can I get a vaccination?

The vaccination centres of Münster and Steinfurt will be operating until the end of September. After that, you can contact resident doctors.

When am I recovered?

Your status is recovered if you have evidence of a positive PCR testing with the corona virus. The infection has to be at least 28 days old, but cannot be older than six months. If your infection is older than six months, you either have to get an additional vaccination or you need to do corona tests.

Which tests are accepted at FH Münster?

You will need to show proof of a negative result of a PCR test or antigen rapid test certified by a recognised laboratory or test centre and carried out no more than 48 hours prior. A quick test done by yourself is not accepted.

Where can I get tested?

If you show no symptoms of an infection with covid, you can get tested at your doctor's. A lot of pharmacies and accredited test centres also offer citizen tests.

Do I have to pay for the tests?

The antigen rapid tests will be for free for asymptomatic persons until 10th October 2021. After that you will have to pay for every test if you show no symptoms of a covid infection. The price for the tests has not been determined yet (09/2021).

The citizen tests are free of charge for students who have been vaccinated with a vaccine, which is not accepted in Germany, until 31.12.2021.


I would like to enter one of the buildings at FH Münster. What does the respective access concept look like? Where are the stewards?

We have prepared files with all relevant information for the FHZ, Friesenring, Hüfferstiftung, Leonardo Campus and Steinfurt Campus:

I still have questions. Who can I contact?

Please send an email to coronavirusfh-muensterde.

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The current opening status of the university library can be found in the corona regulations of the FH Münster or on the library's website.

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Here you can find an overview of the announcements of FH Münster concerning coronavirus.
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