The commission's tasks

The commission examines suggestions and complaints, and draws up recommendations on how to eliminate shortcomings such as:

  • The compulsory courses intended for the semester are not offered.
  • Courses are regularly cancelled.
  • Laboratory operations are permanently restricted.
  • No exam dates are offered for the exams that need to be taken in the study phase.

The commission initially examines the complaints received to determine whether the subject of the complaint is substantial and actually concerns shortcomings in the organisation of teaching or study programmes. The members then work together to find a solution and decide on recommendations for eliminating the shortcomings; these recommendations are directed at the university management.

What is the point of contacting the commission?

Our university management takes complaints very seriously, when substantiated. Examples of the consequences of previous substantiated complaints include:

  • The Presidential Board conducted interviews with members of the teaching staff and employees
  • Training was provided to improve service orientation
  • The office hours of services facilities were extended
  • Processes involved in the organisation of exams were optimised (for example: degree certificates were issued more quickly)

Information concerning all aspects of teaching operations was improved (for example: the relocation of courses was announced in good time)

How can I make a complaint?

You can address your substantiated complaint to all of the committee members or to the student members only. Although anonymous complaints are not processed by the commission, they are passed on to the institution concerned.

The Complaints Commission may not disclose information to the outside world; your information will be treated in confidence on request.

Dates of forthcoming meetings (not public)

Dates for the meetings of the Complaints Commission of FH Münster will be set at short notice as required.


The Complaints Commission has ten members, including five students from FH Münster.
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