On behalf of the Senate, select senators draw up a list of members for the Board of Trustees, which the Senate then elects. Three senators are also involved in the commission to find a President, alongside three members of the Board of Trustees. The Senate appoints the standing commissions.

The Senate issues recommendations and statements on the draft of the university development plan and the target agreement with the ministry, on evaluation reports, on the budget and on the principles governing the allocation of posts and funding to the faculties, central scientific units and central facilities.

It comments on the annual report and accounts of the Presidential Board, and decrees and amends the basic orders and other orders of the higher education institution. It is therefore always required when a new basic order needs to been drawn up.

The current basic order was decreed by the Senate. It regulates, for instance, the election and periods of office of the members of the Presidential Board. It is incumbent upon the Senate to endorse the election of members to the Presidential Board; with a three-quarter majority it can recommend it is voted out to the Board of Trustees.

Members of the Senate with voting power

  • ten professors,
  • three scientific assistants,
  • two further members of staff and
  • five students.

Advisory, non-voting members of the Senate


  • the President,
  • the Vice-President,
  • the Deans of the faculties,
  • the Directors of the central scientific units and central facilities,
  • the Disabilities Officer,
  • the Chairperson of the Staff Councils,
  • the Chairperson of the Students' Union Executive Committee,
  • the Equal Opportunities Officer and
  • the President of the Student Parliament.


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