With its quality in teaching and research, FH Münster provides many points of contact for its co-operation partners.

Whether in product development, company management, human resources development or communication: our partners are always able to find the specific skills they require - either in individual disciplines or by combining various elements of excellence.

BASF Coatings - from Münster-Hiltrup into the wide world

FH Münster has built a strategic alliance with the Coatings division of BASF SE in Münster-Hiltrup, which operates globally.

Both partners benefit from each other. The aspects of the alliance include research and development projects; cooperation in higher education policy; offering access to the other partner's networks; preferential treatment in the allocation of internships and final theses; and joint human resource development.

In addition, specific continuing training programmes are developed for the company.

UAS7 - Seven Universities of Applied Sciences

UAS7 e. V. is the association of seven research-oriented German universities of applied sciences with a strong international orientation.&nbsp;<span>Through this, student and faculty exchange, research cooperation, joint summer schools and study programs are to be promoted.

The UAS7 consortium has offices in New York, Berlin and São Paulo.

UP University

UP University is a consortium of 7 like-minded higher education institutions in Europe. The initiative aims to address the societal, industrial, and educational needs of the regions in which each partner operates, through interregional collaboration.

The District of Steinfurt - close ties with the region

The alliance with the District of Steinfurt is based on the traditionally strong regional ties between FH Münster, located in Münster and Steinfurt, and regional companies.

The joint initiative TRAIN - Transfer in Steinfurt and the GRIPS start-up centre are an expression of the university's strong regional ties.

Both partners proactively promote joint initiatives such as information and further training events on current and political issues.

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