The systematic support programmes we offer will help you earn a doctorate and guide you towards an FH professorship. We also offer numerous interesting professional development opportunities as well as professional advisory and coaching services.

Career guidance and coaching

Coaching and advisory services are traditionally geared towards maximising potential, meeting challenges at work, taking good decisions, and strategically planning and successfully shaping career paths.

Trainee professorship / "Career Path FH Professorship" support programme

Freedom in research and teaching, a diverse range of tasks, a high degree of self-determination, individual specialisations, flexible working hours, job security and good employment prospects. Why not apply for a position at our university! And if you do not yet meet all the prerequisites for a professorship (five years' professional experience, three of which outside the university), we will systematically prepare you for such a position within a special programme for early career researchers.
Based on the assistant professorship model developed at Münster University of Applied Sciences, the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia has established its support programme entitled "CAREER PATH FH PROFESSORSHIP". Those interested in participating in this programme, which offers many advantages for individual development paths, have until 30 June 2018 to apply. Besides acquiring the necessary requirements for an FH professorship, participants on this programme will also gain a wide range of professional, social and methodological skills. The programme also creates a variety of contact opportunities for participants, not only in the setting of Münster University of Applied Sciences, but also in the free economy or in participating companies. More information about the support programme is available for downloading.


The Doctoral Studies Programme at Münster University of Applied Sciences will support you on your path towards a doctorate. We offer various activities that will help you to connect the academic performance required within your cooperative doctorate to strategic research approaches within and outside the university.
A special feature of Münster University of Applied Sciences is that its Presidential Board regularly promotes excellent early career researchers in the context of qualification positions. Participants in the support programme work primarily on their cooperative doctorate, as well as attending events held within our Doctoral Studies Programme.

Professional development

Münster University of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of development opportunities: advanced specialist training courses; workshops for acquiring personal, social and methodological skills; and professional career development support in the form of career guidance and coaching.


Members of the teaching staff at Münster University of Applied Sciences FH Münster can make use of a range of advisory and support programmes offered at the Wandelwerk. These programmes include didactic guidance, professional development and Wandelfonds 2.0. The support programme is continuously being expanded.

Systematic knowledge transfer following changes in personnel

Owing to the special features of the system of higher education, changes in personnel are comparatively frequent. Systematic knowledge transfer ensures that those leaving the university secure their know-how, whilst new employees receive job induction training.
In a bid to support our departments and schools in systematic knowledge transfer, we have developed a work aid. We also offer transfer advisory services.
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