Society of Sponsors of FH Münster

Münster University of Applied Sciences seeks co-operation with a wide variety of partners at many levels.

Co-operation with industry enables the realisation of networked research projects and the organisation of tailor-made courses. Lively exchange with many higher education institutions brings together students, teaching staff and companies from all over the world.

Close co-operation with towns in the region contributes considerably to business development. Finally, regular liaison with schools ensures that pupils are given advice on what they can study in good time, enabling them to make the right decisions.

Our donors

Endowed chairs are an excellent example of how true win-win situations can be created when science and business join forces to develop and offer needs-oriented degree programmes: the company, the university and, above all, the students benefit.

Other HEIs

FH Münster cooperates with lots of other HEIs across the world. Research and teaching bring together students, teaching staff and companies in some 50 countries.


The university is an important factor for fostering economic development and location marketing. For this reason, the local authorities collaborate with the university on a variety of levels.

School Network

Regular contacts with schools in the region, advisory services at fairs, university days and other events
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