Strategic alliances

Münster University of Applied Sciences is continuing to expand its network of renowned, high-performance partners in business, science and society, guaranteeing the future-oriented education of our students. The transfer of technology and knowledge between partners is systematically promoted.

The funding and initiation of strategic alliances and partnerships for Münster University of Applied Sciences is centrally administered in an independent prorectorate for "Co-ordination and Partnerships".

With its quality in teaching and research, Münster University of Applied Sciences provides all kinds of interesting points of contact for co-operation partners. Whether in product development, company management, human resources development or communication: our partners can always find the specific competencies they require - either in individual disciplines or by pooling various factors of excellence.

Collaboration at many levels

A lively exchange with numerous HEIs brings together students, teaching staff and companies from all over the world. Close cooperation with towns in the region contributes considerably to business development. And, finally, regular contacts with schools ensure that pupils learn about the study options available at an early stage, enabling them to make the best possible choice.

Research with a view to implementing solutions

When it comes to research, FH Münster sets the standards. In collaboration with national and international partners from science and business/industry, research in Münster und Steinfurt is conducted in a highly interdisciplinary manner. The aim of the university's efforts is to solve problems encountered in industry, trade, social facilities and non-profit organisations.

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