Hüfferstiftung in Münster

The venerable red brick façade used to house Münster University's Clinic for Orthopaedics. FH Münster took over the building in the 1970s. The Hüfferstiftung is close to the castle, the city centre and Münster's popular recreation area around the Aasee.

Robert-Koch-Straße 30 in Münster

The Robert-Koch-Straße building is located behind the Hüfferstiftung. In former times, it was used as a rehabilitation clinic for Münster University's orthopaedic clinic. Extensive conversion and refurbishment measures has since been implemented.

In July 2009, the Department of Social Work started teaching in the perfectly equipped rooms, which are now also hired out for external events.

Fachhochschulzentrum in Münster

The FHZ was built in 1974, shortly after Münster University of Applied Sciences was founded. It is a typical representative of the architecture of its era: functionality was of the highest order. The building houses the three degree programmes Business Administration, Nutritional Sciences and Home Economics and Civil Engineering.

      m²    Seats
   Seminar rooms    29 - 87    20 - 60 
   Medienlab    67    25
   Lecture hall    87 - 235    82 - 159, fixed seating

The Leonardo Campus offers an attractive combination of the historical and the modern. After the Westphalian Riding School moved out of the former Prussian Cavelier Barracks, the brickwork buildings were converted inro rooms suitable for studying.

Leonardo-Campus 6

The Leonardo Campus 6 building was inaugurated there in 2011. This building fully captures the spirit of 21st century architecture: low-key and elegant. Thanks to the clinker brick façade and the stringent window structure, the building blends perfectly into the architecture of the campus, despite setting a modern touch. The building is home to Münster School of Design.

Leonardo-Campus 10

The Faculty of Architecture sets interesting contrasts with an abundance of glass and steel.

      m²    Seats
   Seminar room    48 - 172    20 - 70
   Lecture hall    186    190, fixed seating
   Foyer    141    without seating

Campus in Steinfurt

The Campus in Burgsteinfurt, inaugurated in 1976, is a satellite site of FH Münster. The site is comparable with campuses at American universities: all of the teaching buildings are located close to each other on one site.

A new modern auditorium building was constructed in autumn 2013. Its movable walls offer considerable flexibility and seating for up to 400 people.

The Steinfurt Campus is used by the engineering departments of Chemical Engineering; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; Energy - Buildings - Environment; Mechanical Engineering; and Engineering Physics.

Steinfurt Campus
      m²    Seats
   Seminar room    22/29    12 - 20
   Language lab    48    approx. 15
   Lecture hall    37 - 66    20 - 36, movable seating
   Lecture hall    29 - 278    12 - 295, fixed seating
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